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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gold Star Awards, August, 2012

Wow. Gold Star's in the fist week of the correct month? When was the last time that happened?

1978: Just two. One from the BWAA and one from the Vet's.

The EDDIE MATHEWS Gold Star #54: Crash Course!

Time to go to school!  OK... so it's remedial history and science mostly, but sadly there is such a high percentage of the population (around 45.7% of us, IIRC, the last time it was officially measured, back in November of 2008.)  Anyway, each of these videos is a Crash Course (duh!) in various topics, presenting some information you should already know, and quite a bit more that you should.  I was first drawn to this channel by his video on Islam, but he covers a wide variety of topics that most people will find interesting, in a way that most will also find entertaining. (Granted, he's no Potholer54, but he gets by!) Check it out!

The ADDIE JOSS Silver Star #53: The Poetry of Darkling Plain

Admittedly I am not a huge reader or connoisseur of poetry. (Or prose, if you've read Utopia.)  And to be fair, if I did not lend a hand in creating this particular blog, I probably would never have discovered it on my own. (My contribution was purely technical, BTW, not one bit on the creative side!)  Anyway, while doing this for her, I took the opportunity to READ the works (in most cases for the first time) and was truly struck by the power of her art. So I wanted to share her work with the most intelligent readers I know.

(You guys, for having the good taste to come here, of course!)

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