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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gold Star Awards, November, 2012

2nd of Four. LOL. November 2102 = 1981 = 1 Gold, 1 Silver...

The Bob Gibson GOLD STAR #58: Everyone is a Sith!

A funny, poignant, and socially relevant Blog.  Although Liberal-leaning, it is not exclusively political. He spends at least as much time talking about Movies, Video Games, Anime and other hunorous miscellenia.  But when it does delve into politics, I find  the posts to be generally well-written and insightful.  He writes like a Philosophy Major, which is a good thing (says the guys who MARRIED ONE.)  There's not much else I can say that I haven't said about so many others, but check it out. Great stuff.

The Johnny Mize SILVER STAR #56: A Softer World

Looks like a web-comic at first, but is more of an artistic / personal expression blog that is consistently deep, meaningful, irreverent, intelligent, emotional, dark, inspirational, cynical, nihilistic and enlightening.  Sound complicated? Well, Emily Horne and Joey Comeau do amazing work, post after post, matching cool photography with dark poetry, to create so amazing work.  I would also like to thank them personally for giving me permission to (eventually) use the following as inside cover-art for Utopia, once I finish it and hammer it into book-form:

Thanks guys! You're awesome!

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