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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gold Star Awards, December, 2012

Third of Four (well, FIVE, since it's February now!) But we're almost done (caught up) with these.  I gather from the (lack of) responses that y'all aren't too interested in these posts, but I DO hope you check out some of these sites, at least once.  (And it wouldn't kill you to leave a comment letting me know what you think of them! *wink-wink* *nudge-nudge*)

OK... 1982... Two Golds, One Silver...

The Hank Aaron GOLD STAR #59: Avaaz

Avaaz is a progressive, international organization focused on bringing to the attention of it's readers those stories that the mainstream media often chooses to ignore or under-report.  They also engage in online petitions (my personal favorite form of slacktivism, LOL) to pressure world leaders, Congress,  the UN, etc... to act on these important issues.  Please check them out, and please support their work by (at least) subscribing to their mailing list. (And they won't spam you - I get about one message from them a day, tops.)  Give the Corporate media, and their toadies in Politics one more reason to be accountable to the people!

The Frank Robinson GOLD STAR #60: CGPGrey and his YouTube Channel

A lot of this could fall under the heading "Reality for Dummies" as he endeavours to explain things that most of us already know.  (And I'm sure many of my readers can already guess which half of society needs these things explained to them!) But there's also a lot of stuff that he explains that most of us DON'T KNOW (such as the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom, England and the Crown, for example.)  That was the video I first discovered him through, but looking over the rest of his stuff was fascinating. (And useful, should you ever find yourself arguing with morons, as I have recently. LOL)  And he has a very nice, strait-forward, yet light and sometimes humorous style, that really leads to some great presentations.  Check him out!

The Travis Jackson Silver Star #57: Post Secret

Admittedly this one's been around for a long time, but I've been trying to find a place to include it almost from the very beginning. So here it is. I've made no secret in the past about my appreciation for Dark Humor, nor my interest in examining the hidden underside of polite society. And we are all aware how the anonymity of the interment suddenly allows people to throw off that polite veneer and really let their true selves shine through. (AKA "Keyboard Cojones," which is a mixed bag, to be sure, but I actually believe is a GOOD thing.)  Well, this is a collection of all the things people are otherwise afraid to admit to or talk about, posted artistically and anonymously, all in one place. It is sometimes funny, often thought-provoking and at times heart-wrenching. But it is a reflection of that side of us that we never show anyone else. And that's a beautiful thing.

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