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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gold Star Awards, April, 2013

OK. Fell behind on these AGAIN, and I promised to get them up to date before moving on. SO... Tonight I'm going to blog until my fingers bleed, I'm going to get these posts caught up, through to JULY, and THEM I'm going to get back to posting thing like I used to. (Works be crazy and I've been lazy. All the same, I still don't like having this backlog of HoF posts to put up. One per moneth is sufficient.) (Nobody ever comments on them anyway! LOL)

OK... We're up to 1986, One gold, Two Silvers...

The Willie McCovey GOLD STAR #67: The Smirking Chimp
George W. Bush may be gone (but for this country;'s sake, let's hope he's NEVER forgotten!) but the news and information website who name was inspired by his caricacture is still alive and kicking and every bit as relevant as ever. Any thinking person should DEFINITELY inculude this collection of 'news and commentary from the vast Left-Wing conspiorcy' in there collection of infromation source.

The Bobby Doerr SILVER STAR #62: The Adventure of Gyno-Star
Do you rememebr SNL's "Abibuguosuly Gay Duo?" Well, imagine them as an outspoken (yet somehow still failry ditzy) feminist with a spunky lit'l lesbian sidekick, only played strait, and you've got THE ADNVENTURES OF GYNO STAR. I was hooked from the moment I saw their earliest nemesis: The Glibertarian! Great sataire, great politics, great fun. Check it out.

The Ernie Lombardi SILVER STAR #63: You Suck
OK, I'll say this right up front: PORN WARNING! NSFW! This is a web-comic I discovered fairly recently, about a succubus stuck on earth and rooming with a horny, 5-foot tall, red-headed force of nature. It's an immature comic aimed at mature audiences, and while still in its early stages, I've got to admit: I love it. (And the horny, red-headed female lead? OMFG... Pure sexual chocolate. I ashamed to admit what a crush I have on her right now! LOL) ANyway, good stuff, but not for those who have a stick up their butt aboutmatuture content.>

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