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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gold Star Awards, May, 2013

The Second of Four...


Two Golds...

The Jim "Catfish" Hunter Gold Star #68: Extreme Liberal's Blog

Really? I have to explain this one? Hey: I don't agree with him that Presdient Obama's done a "phenomonal job," all things considered or otherwise, but there's no denything that this man's heart and head are in the right place, and I'm happy to endrorse his work. So check him out!

The Billy Williams Gold Star #69: Quackwatch

If I have not yet made myself clear on this point, allow me make it clear now: I am vehemently opposed to most all forms of "alternative medicine." It's very simple: Science WORKS. And if this ABSOLUTE HORSE-SHIT worked? THEY'D FUCKING CALL IT "MEDICINE!" I hate the anti-vaxers, for all the children they've wantonly killed. I hate faith-healers and parents who pray, while their children die of curable diseases. I hate homeopethists, and all other manner of snake-oil peddlers, and pretty mush ANYONE taking your hard earned cash, while selling you some magical new form of magically endowed water, all the while telling you why Doctors are trying to keep them down. (HINT: It's becuase the shit doesn't fucking WORK!) Reiki, Reflexology, Chi-Manipulation... even Chiropracters and Acupunturists (who stuff "works" but not for the reasons they claim!) If you want all the references you'll ever (likely) need in one place, there's only one place better than Skepdic.com, and that's QUACKWATCH. Keep up the good work, and may Jenny McCarthy burn in hell for all the children she's nmurdered!

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