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Friday, July 5, 2013


I was saddened today to learn about the death of an old friend of mine.  We had been out of touch for many years - pretty much since High School Graduation, I'm sorry to say. And over the years I had  looked for him many time online, but to no avail. 

We were in a band together.  I (sort of) played the drums, and he consistently amazed everyone who ever heard him play, with his incredible skills on the guitar. Having gone to a small School, over the years I have had some contact with almost everyone in my graduating class, but not Greg. He was always conspicuously absent from Classmates, Facebook, etc... But it wasn't until today that I found out why.

He passed away in 1998, at the age of 24, of complications related to a heart defect.

I had known about his medical history at the time, but I was still stunned to learn about what had happened.  When I first met him, he became the first friend I made at a new school and he remains to this day, far and away, the most talented musician I have been had the honor of sharing a stage with. I have never met a more talented or dedicated guitarist, and the world was robbed the contributions of a great artist for him having left us at such a young age.

Rest in peace and rock on, my friend.

(video not mine - created by his sister)

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