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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laura Ingrahm and LGBT "Child Abuse"

My take on Laura Ingrahm's recent statement that it's "child abuse" to give [transgendered] "children" "hormone therapy" and that parents "should let them go through puberty, for goodness sake."

I've also solicited some comments from others, who's opinions I both respect, and who are much closer to the issue at hand. I will add them as they come in, so this post will likely (I hope) be updated a few times in the near future.:

Rusty Shackelford (friend from MMFA):

"Besides the obvious (that she's in disagreement with the AMA, APA, HHS, and pretty much every major medical body and authority in the country), a valid point on this whole matter is the hypocrisy, as conservatives suddenly want government intervention into "parental rights" the moment the parents do something they don't like.  Parents hitting their kids is none of your business, but letting a boy wear a dress?  Call child services!"


  1. Parents hitting their kids is none of your business, but letting a boy wear a dress? Call child services!

    Your friend Rusty seems to have a tweaked idea of what is real. There is a difference between "hitting" kids and "punishment" to children. Did he inexplicably leave that part of his whine out of that statement? Because his severe generalization of all "conservatives" seems to mean that all conservatives approve of "hitting" kids. I think my severe generalizations of liberals would fit the same mold that you people whine about not getting your way then whine when you do.
    Just an observation of mine concerning what liberals are whining about this time.

    1. You're distorting what he said. Pretty blatantly, I might add. I think it's very fair to say that Conservatives generally want the Gov't out of their child-raising business. (Don't you?) And while, yes, there is a difference between spanking a child and beating one, you know as well as I do that CPS does not always give parents the benefit of the doubt on that distinction. (Hey: It may be one of the points I'm willing to grant the Conservative POV on!) But show me how many conservatives are OK with how transgendered children are being raised. Is it an exaggeration to say that they would "call CPS?" Yeah, fine. Sure. Whatever. But the POINT BEING MADE remains valid, if you're not being obtuse the point of an infinite hypotenuse. As for your "severe generalization about liberals?" Well.. if their severe by your own admission, I fail to see how they would fit the mold here, seeing as how I doubt you'd actually dispute the POINT behind what was said. (Instead preferring to whine about word choice, and then accuse us of whining. Oh, and hypocrisy, which, once again, is fucking hilarious in light of what you posted.)

    2. I don't think I distorted anything he said (that you printed). Liberals are the ones who whined to the CPS about insignificant punishments of children, calling it "child abuse", now you people are whining about insignificant whines from some conservatives to the CPS concerning proper child rearing. Hell, the whines of the liberal concerning child rearing is one of the "points" you granted. How is that NOT hypocrisy by the liberal? He obviously grouped all child punishment as child abuse and worthy of informing the CPS because of actions he (and most liberals) doesn't approve of, then whines about conservatives worrying about child rearing by those they (and most conservatives) don't approve of. Are liberals the only ones allowed to whine to the CPS because of actions they don't approve of and also misconstrue as "child abuse"?
      I think you missed the entire point of my post: liberal hypocrisy. And then you (unsuccessfully) tried to discount it as "hilarious". Nothing unexpected there.