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Friday, August 15, 2014

Maybe the Police should stop shooting all the black people?


Also, Daily Kos has an excellent series of articles on Ferguson, and the absurd number of shootings of unarmed American Citizen (yes, Black ones) that have preceded. it.


  1. http://angrywhitedude.com/2014/08/dallas-police-shoot-unarmed-white-man-white-texans-protest-going-work/


    Maybe we need to take a look at the lifestyles that people have in relationship to the results of the treatment they get. If you ACT like a hood you'll more than likely be treated like a hood. If you act like a sane person, more than likely you'll be treated like a sane person. Hate to burst your 'whitey hates blacks' whine, but ... just try to remember the facts are that when you predominantly behave a certain way you'll be predominantly treated a certain way. STOP using drugs and nearly all of these problems will go away. But, hey, authorized recreational drug use is a favorite mantra for the liberal. Hate to see all those expected results (from that mantra) go to waste. So, if you're a liberal, keep fighting for legalized drugs and keep whining about police retaliation.

  2. And the resident Conservative responds with racist stereotypes and RW talking points. Why am I not surprised?

    1. And the racist stereotypes and LW talking points that you bring aren't at all a surprise either. What's wrong with telling people to stop using drugs in order to stop being treated like a drug-user? What's wrong with telling people to stop acting like a hoodlum in order to stop being treated like one? I think your tweaked ideals just don't fit in an orderly world anymore. Getting back to morals is the way to save our civilization, but you think eliminating morals is the way to go. Good for you. And good luck with it. Just because I'm the only one to point that out, you call me racist? Go figure.