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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ladies and gentleman: That immortal luminary, John Cleese


  1. I don't believe for a minute that it's stupidity that explains FOX News, and I'm sure that John Cleese doesn't, either. What's so clever about it, though, is that there's no effective way of arguing against it. If they ever say that they aren't stupid, then that opens up the question of why the overwhelming mass of unprofessional, sloppy and errant reporting takes place at all. If it's not unintentional, then it's dishonest.

    Which essentially forces FOX or its defenders to admit that they make a lot of mistakes, which then leads back to the "stupid" conclusion. The video works to destroy FOX's credibility, while making it impossible for anyone to counter it.

    1. So really... They're evil geniuses!

      Actually, I think you're totally right. And Cleese's argument might more aptly be applied to the average Fox VIEWER, who is too stupid to know the difference.

      Or it's like I always say: There are two kinds of Conservative: Evil and Stupid... One's lyin' and the other's buyin'!

    2. BTW... Did you vote in the poll? (Right hand side...)

  2. Yes, the average viewer certainly lacks the critical thinking skills to realize that they have no critical thinking skills.

    I've voted in the poll, now.