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Monday, September 8, 2014

I got yer "family values" RIGHT HERE...

It is is very rare that I do this, but *trigger warning*.

Normally I roll my eyes when I see that, of course I have that privilege being one of the fortunate people to not have to cope with such things.  But I have to admit that this video made me SICK.  Already having read what it was all about, I was actually considering not even watching it.  But... If I'm going to blog about it, I of course owe it to my readers to have at least SEEN the damned thing. OMFG.  My stomach hurts now.  I'm physically sick over the disgusting, despicable display by these revolting, bigoted scumbags masquerading as "parents."

Here is what I have to say:

But every now and then, my faith in humanity is restored a little.

Here is a link to LOST AND FOUND, if you want to  help out, call or donate.

And here's the video of Uncle Pat, showing another set of "Christian Values."

Personally, I don't I could say it any better than Steveningendid on Kos:

You read/heard that right. Anyone with a head with which to think would have immediately told this woman that tithing at this point in this aged couple's life has come to a necessary end. In fact, a reasonable person holding a responsible position at a church might even ask if there is anything the church might be able to do to help. Perhaps dipping into the tithing basket to provide comfort to a fellow congregant in dire straits would please the Lord.

But no, this money grubbing scammer has been on the take for so long, it obviously didn't even cross his mind that a religious institution might look into its heart instead of someone else's wallet. Wouldn't the very philosophy of Christianity dictate that the least fortunate among the flock should not be put in a position to sacrifice medical attention or to keep the lights on for the sake of a tithe basket? 
I'm sure Pat didn't give it another thought as his driver drove him home to the manse.

There are your "Christian Values" for you.


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