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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Debunking the Solar Roadways Takedown

Note: Before you watch MY video, I highly recommend you watch SOLAR FREAKIN' ROADS!

And the two "debunking videos" I refer to are Thunderf00t's Solar Roadways, a VERY expensive joke? and EEVBlog's Solar Roadway's are Bullshit!

I highly recommend that you watch ALL three, actually, with an open mind.  The two "take-down" vid's are extremely well done - better than my own reply to them, I will freely and happily admit.  But they miss some pretty obvious things IMHO, and I'm just saying that as far away as SFR's are from being implementation ready, these guys are at least as far away from proving that the concept could never be feasible.

Republican Economic Polices Suck

By the way, I got something wrong... When I said "Michigan didn't have a hug bidget deficit last year, "that wasn't quite right. We actual had a rather large budget SURPLUS. So I ask again: WHY did this have to happen?!

And here is the KOS Article I mentioned: Minnesota Liberalism Trounces Wisconsin Conservatism
Well worth the read. Check it out. (Especially if you don't want to bother watching the video. LOL)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson Police Meme

A meme, by me, for the Ferguson Police Department and, sadly, many others.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laura Ingrahm and LGBT "Child Abuse"

My take on Laura Ingrahm's recent statement that it's "child abuse" to give [transgendered] "children" "hormone therapy" and that parents "should let them go through puberty, for goodness sake."

I've also solicited some comments from others, who's opinions I both respect, and who are much closer to the issue at hand. I will add them as they come in, so this post will likely (I hope) be updated a few times in the near future.:

Rusty Shackelford (friend from MMFA):

"Besides the obvious (that she's in disagreement with the AMA, APA, HHS, and pretty much every major medical body and authority in the country), a valid point on this whole matter is the hypocrisy, as conservatives suddenly want government intervention into "parental rights" the moment the parents do something they don't like.  Parents hitting their kids is none of your business, but letting a boy wear a dress?  Call child services!"