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Friday, March 27, 2015

Gold Star Awards, March, 2015


Joe Morgan's GOLD STAR #73: Thought Catalog

Jim Palmer's PIG IRON STAR: The Return of Kings

One inspires thought, and one inspires naught but revolution and disgust, and both equally worthy of their respective honors.

EDIT: Minor complaint... Thought Catalog really needs a search feature!


  1. Here's a thought ... after crying about the "Redskins" name, I'm glad to see you keep their banner proudly showing behind the pictures you post for each article.

    1. Good catch. Lol ;) There's some irony intended, to be sure. I've had that pennant since I was in grade school. 5th and 6th grade we lived in NoVa. Was a huge fan of Theisman, Monk, Riggins and the Hogs. These days its the Pats and the Lions but I just don't like football enough to buy s new pennant.