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Saturday, November 12, 2016

From my friend, Jenn Dolari...

A friend of mine, Jenn Dolari (who has appeared both on this blog and on my show, and who many of you may know from Closetspace and A Wish for Wings) penned this very powerful piece on Facebook that I'd like to share with you.


 I began privately crossdressing in the late 80s, I came out as trans in high school, then began appearing in public in the early 90s. For the next fifteen or so years, I've fought for my existence. I've escaped arrest, fought firings, handled hecklers, organized vigils. When possible, I've tried to educate, be compassionate, and understanding with those around me who were willing to have their minds changed.

The Obama Administration afforded me the luxury of protections. This allowed me, over the last eight years, to focus on that education, compassion and understanding. I like to think I've been mostly successful, and that approach, as done by others, has made our existence across America that much more accepted.

I don't fight against people whose minds won't change. I'd much rather spend my energy, and take risks with those who can eventually become allies. Fighting against those who will always refuse change is just wasted energy and risk.

But one thing I am willing to fight for is every square inch of territory we might lose on those protections we've gained in the last eight years. That fight began a year or two ago...I mostly waved it off as a bunch of disgruntled people making an outlier decision.

As we've seen in this election, and the months leading up to it, this is not an outlier vote. From here forward, the fight must begin anew. Be out. Be about. EXIST in this world as best you can.

If you are fired, fight it. Take it as far as you can go. If you are heckled, maintain your dignity. If you are threatened with violence, protect yourself. Get the attention of everyone you possibly can: violence hates witnesses. If you can, give as good as you get. If you can't, avoid the areas you know you are in danger, but be out anywhere else you can be.

If you find your existence being voted on, get out the word that this is your life on the line. As we saw in this election 50% of America didn't vote, and that could have secured the next four years for our existence. Make your friends vote. Offer to drive people to voting booths. Are they not registered? Help them get registered. These are lives on the line - don't let their apathy legislate you out of existence. Organize.

We've been given protections. We will find many being taken away. Fight like hell for the ones we can keep, then fight like hell to take back the ones we lose.

We exist. And we will continue to exist.

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