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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bob Marshall - Have you heard this guy?

I wasn't planning on postign twice today, but I had to deal with THIS.

Apparenlty Bob Mashall (-R, what else?), a Virginia State legislator from Manassass, thinks that disabled children are God's punnishment for abortions.  His exact words:

"The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children.  In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There's a special punishment Christians would suggest."

I see.
So, putting aside that my wife, who happens to be the only woman I've been with in my entire life, has never had an abortion, your explanation for my two autistic sons is... arbortion.
God is punnishing me.  What a laugh.  Considering the love I have for them, I'd say that your God would have to do a lot better than that if he's trying to drive the point home.  (But go figure... What do expect from a diety who's spoken almost exclusively through madmen over the centuries?)  What's more, if your God in fact did intend to punnish me by putting this incredible burden on my children then I say that your God is not a just God.  And your God is, in fact, beneath me.
Finially, it occures to me that our elected officials sevre us.  They are elected to represent us.  If I lived in Virginia, apparently this pious fraud feels that my family, and my children are not part of his constituency.  You know... makred and curesed by God and all.
Take you Old Testament, magical-thinking, superstitious, medieval nonsense and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.
No God that exsists in the minds of people today (since that's pretty much the only place God exsists anyway) exacts his vengence upon the mother and father by giving them handicapped children.  I thought the last bastion of that kind of cruel, insulting nonsense was currently breathing it's last gasp in fucking INDIA.  Maybe that kind of thinking is acceptable on a remote pacific island, as yet undiscovered by man, or deep in the Amazon amoungst illiterate tribesmen, but this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the year is 2010.
And you, sir, are not fit to serve, in any capacity, in the governing of any part of this great nation.
I would hope your next child or grandchild gets cancer, but alas I am a far more just MAN that your GOD is, apparenlty.  As for you?  There is no penalty is too great, no misfortune too severe that may befall you that would earn you my sympathy.  My children are not a curse. And I will never forgive you for calling them such.

Here's an online petition calling for his resignation.  I've signed it, and I encourage everyone to.


  1. I am sorry that this man said such cruel words. I never cease to be amazed at the hateful rhetoric of people that claim to know a loving God. But I guess in their minds,God only loves them. How foolish. Here in New Orleans on Mardi Gras we had the typical 6 man swat team of sign carrying, old testament thumping fundamentalists, crying "REPENT!" through a bullhorn and telling pretty much all us sinners that we were going to hell. As they walked past us on the neutral ground(the big strip between opposite traveling lanes) we all tossed beads to them and shouted "happy Mardi Gras." And you know what? We meant it. We are all happy here during Mardi Gras..the sinners(like me), the atheists,the entire families out on the parade routes in their costumes,gay men and lesbians, bikers, Christians(again, like me),old and young, rich and poor... all of us. It is a joyful season and I have stood shoulder to shoulder with everyone listed on their stupid signs as slated for hell and shared in the joy of a religious season that these religious fools dont seem to "get". Thank you for so forcefully declaring your children as off limits to the shotgun proclamations of an ingorant man. Of course your children are not a curse. How dare he say so. I apologize for all the Christians who are not narrow minded, bombastic, hateful, accusatory, self-righteous blowhards. Dare I say it? Your children are a blessing. I mean that in the purest way and not in any tainted proselytizing way, too!

  2. Jlarue,

    Believe or not, I AM often truly concerned that my frequent attacks on [what I see as]religious EXTREMISM, may end alienating perfectly moderate, reasonable people who would be otherwise willing to respect my non-belief, assuming that I would respect their belief. And in that case? I absolutely DO. I DO respect people's spirtual beliefs, provided that they can live with the fact that I don't share them. Bottom line? If one is not trying to convert me to their religion, then their is no reason for me to go about trying to disuade them from their beliefs.

    But what I cannot abide is one person presuming to judge another. And the biggest reason I can't abide this is that (1) it's generally done by the VERY religious and (2) it's an action which is expressly forbiden BY their religion! (And (3), as I've said before, IMHO, the WORST sin one can commit is that of HYPOCRISY!) So these idiots like Marshall, or the Scumbag, sorry, the REVERAND Par Robertson, who never seems to miss a chance to exploit a disaster, are just the lowest of the low. Marshall is actually WORSE, I guess, becasue he's supposed to be a public representative. But the more one lets religion influence their politics, the fewer people they're actually representing.

    But yes, I completely understand what you mean in saying that my children are a blessing. They can be a tremdeous burden as well, to be honest, Autistic children are not easy to cope with, but at they same time I find myself amazed on an almost daily basis at what they are able to overcome, and what they are able to learn and accomplish.

    And yeah, I'm not going to let some hellbound (if there IS a hell) pinheaded prick like this guy try to tell me that these two amazing little people are somehow some kind of divine practical joke. The joke, the curse, the punnishment for mankind's ignorance is to be forced to continue to deal with it, and be exposed to it, through people like Marshall. He's the joke. He's the curse. And I truly hope that he DOES resign. It would be nice to know he had at least SOME humility and wasn't a COMPLETE hypocrite.

    Thanks for your comment.