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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Fun (a day early): Does the Right have no shame, or just no self-awareness?

Note: This is a day early, but I couldn’t wait. It’s a bit high-brow, so the conservatives probably won't ‘get it,’ but if any of you liberals miss any of the jokes I recommend Wikipedia. Please let me know what you think, because I had a lot of fun with this, and if you like it, it might become a semi-regular item.


Lately, the more I listen to people like Limbaugh and Beck these days, the more I come to realize that the Right is not only lacking any good ideas or real leadership, but they seem to lack any sense of shame as well. Well... It may not be SHAME they lack, so much as SELF-AWARENESS. It seems every time one of the idiots criticize the Democrats, to me it sound like they're describing themselves.

To speak a little further on the matter, I gathered together a panel of ex-Presidents to see what they might have to say about Obama’s first year or so in office, assuming they had about the same level of self awareness as our present-day conservatives do.

Like Smallpox, George. Like Smallpox.  Just go away, will you?  At least Franklin Pierce had the decency to drink himself to death after his failed Presidency.  What have you done?


  1. Very funny...Bush looks so ghoulish in that picture I can't help but wonder if that billboard was meant to be ironic...

  2. Well, I'M convinced that was how it was meant! LOL. But I also think that the brilliance of the bilboard in question is that anyone can interpret any way they want, get something out of it, get a laugh one way or the other and (from their own POV) be RIGHT in their interpretation. It really does have something for everyone, doesn't it? LOL

    Thanks for you comment.

  3. I just wish Obama would govern less like a Republican and more like a Democrat.

  4. Libhom,

    Well, the Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, do they? Pretty much teh reason why I'm a LIBERAL, but not necessarily a DEMOCRAT.

    Thanks for your comment.