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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another "terrific" email...

Another gem my Dad sent me, under the subject "new golf bolls."

The REALLY funny thing is that I AGREE WITH IT 100%!  I've been saying for YEARS that the biggest problem with our political system is that the Republicans have no brains and the Democrats have no balls!  So... file this under "unintentinally hilarious" at least, from his POV.

Actully... I think a more complete satirical picture of our political spectrum might look like this:

Remember what each one needed: Brains, a Heart and Balls. Plus the Tin Man was REALLY, REALLY GAY. REALLY GAY.  And nobody who actualy KNOWS they're gay is EVER THAT Gay!  So he's basically GOT to be a Republican. LOL

Couldn't resist.

So what to do? Maybe next time...?


  1. Send your dad that golf ball picture back next time he complains how extremist and ruthless democrats are in their drive to brazenly steamroll their socialist agenda against the will of the people.

  2. Steeve,

    I don't expect logical consistency from ANY conservatives, and he's no execption. But it will certainly come to mind.

    Thanks for your comment.