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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Definition of "irony"


Arguably the most over- and mis- used word in the english language lately has GOT to be "irony."

Here's a primer.

Now... If there is one entity in the universe that must not only truly understand irony, but also appreciate it, and have a wicked sense of humor to boot, it is the Google Adsense ad-bot.  You know, the algorithm that keeps putting ads for Sarah Palin's Book, Ann Coulter's Column and Ben Stein's website on this blog.

Just remember... It's not ME who's supporting THEM.  THEY'RE actually the ones who are sponsoring ME!


But the absolute BEST example of irony... One that made me LOL for about a minute strait... came a few nights ago on the website... (wait for it...)... POLITICALIRONY.COM!

No, that's not the ironic part.  In fact that's not ironic AT ALL.  It's really what was to be expected.  The real IRONY came in the form of the AD that was placed RIGHT NEXT to a particuar cartoon.  I grabbed a screen cap (click once or twice to enlarge):

Now THAT my friends, in context?  Is IRONY, writ large.

Has Fred Thompson EVER looked so desperate and pathetic?  Either the Ad-Bot has a keen sense of irony, or it just HATES Fred Thompson. LOL


  1. I am so glad to see you linking back to Politicalirony.com. It was his (I think he's a he) site that led me to your site.

  2. Hey, I appreciate you letting me knopw about it! I LOVE his site! Funny as hell!

    So Thank YOU!

  3. OK Eddie, I'll admit that the keyboard was old and needed to be replaced, and the t-shirt will wash - but snorking coffee out of my nose was painful!
    Google AdSense is a rules-based, weighted vector server engine, and has no more sense of irony than some posters at MMfA - or the 'screwdriver' on my bench, which would be more appropriately called a 'screw-head mangling device,' although that might be a bit more cumbersome to say.

    Full power to the (AdSense) engines, (I _still_ have that annoying, slow connection problem that I keep clicking ads 'cause the pages load too slow. ;) ) and keep up the good work,


  4. Okie,

    I'm always glad to be of service.

    Thanks for your comment.