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Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Death...

Death, part one

If I wanted to show how much class a Liberal can have, and how much respect we’re capable of showing, I might say, regarding the recent fatal plane crash involving the former Senator Ted Stevens, that “The people of Alaska have lost a dedicated public servant who represented their interests, and acted as a strong voice in Washington for their values.”

On the other hand…

If I was to display the level of class that Rush Limbaugh did upon the deaths of Kurt Cobain or Jerry Garcia, or for that mater just about ANY Conservative ANYWHERE did regarding the more recent deaths of Senators Kennedy or Byrd or Representative Rostenkowski, I’d say, “Good riddance to bad garbage. Those ignorant red-necks in Alaska kept electing this crook, and we couldn’t get rid of the evil bastard soon enough. I rest easy knowing that he now burns in hell!”

In any case, my thoughts go out to his family and I am deeply sorry for their great loss.

Speaking of which…

Death, part two

I recently learned that Christopher Hitchens is dying, of metastic Esophageal Cancer. The news first broke about a month ago, so I must have missed it. In any case he’s not doing well, and I’m truly saddened to hear that. I don’t know if I really ever LIKED the guy, but I always found him INTERESTING.

First of all, he’s a drinkin’ man. And those guys are never boring. Second of all, he’s a staunch Conservative on almost every issue, EXCEPT for Religion: As many of you probably know, Hitchens is an outspoken atheist; anti-theist, really. And when I originally discovered him, through his atheistic writings, I thought, “Yeah! This guy rocks!” Then I heard him talk about politics and thought, “What an asshole!” LOL

But I bring him up, because I think I can use him as an example of what I was trying to say a few posts back in my response to Metal Matt’s comment in my “Reply to Steeve” post. I was trying to express my frustration in debating with the Religious Left. Posters like JLarue and Steeve, with whom I share almost all political positions, but with whom I differ SHARPLY in the area of Religion. And I suppose I feel the same way about them that the Right may feel about Hitchens. Because they agree on almost all political points, but differ sharply on religion. So, just as myself, with JLarue and Steeve, the Right can’t just write off Hitchens as a heathen (or a fool) because he shares the REST of their political views. And they are force to deal with his religious beliefs (or lack there of) in a serious manner because of this. And (just as in my own case) they’re not going to convince him to change – they’re not going to WIN that argument. And that is supremely frustrating when it occurs in the case of someone that you otherwise see eye to eye with.

I don’t know. I guess if JLarue and Steeve were pissed at me already over any comments I may have made, being compared to Chris Hitchens (who they likely disagree with on EVERYTHING) is probably not going to mend any fences. LOL. Although what I’m saying in effect is that they are the exact opposite, so… whatever.

Also, before anyone [Duta, I’m looking at you!] tells me that Hitchens is sick and dying because of his lack of faith, let me say, unequivocally, that Hitchens is dying because he smoked three packs of cigarettes a day since he was 15 years old, and for no other reason. And yes, tobaccos use causes way more than just Lung Cancer. The risks of ALL KINDS of Cancers such as Esophageal Caner (my Grandfather,) and even Bladder Cancer (my Father) are increased by the use of Tobacco – even if you quit YEARS ago. It’s just all around nasty stuff.

Which brings me to…

Death, part three

You know how the Tobacco companies argued for YEARS, using the same pseudo-scientific logic that the Climate Change Deniers use today regarding Global Warming BTW, that there was no definitive proof that their product caused Cancer? And how that protected them in court? Well, my Grandfather worked for Monsanto for most of his adult life. He died in 1982, six months after he retired, of Esophageal Cancer. When my Grandmother sued Monsanto, alleging that their poor workplace safety practices in dealing with their chemicals contributed to his early death, she lost the case.

The sharpest arrow in the quiver of Monsanto’s defense?

My Grandfather had been a smoker.

Talk about trying to have it both ways!


BTW, Bob Carroll wrote a great piece on Hicthens and Deathbed religious conversions. I highly recommend reading it.

I also recomend the article, by Jeffery Goldberg in the Atlantic, that Carroll links to just below his piece on Hitchens.  My sentiments EXACTLY.


  1. My coworker's adopted father died of cancer.. he also worked at Monsanto. >_> I don't know if they ever sued, though.

  2. Oh, sorry for the double comment, I just wanted to add, on your point about how classy conservatives are about death...

    I was at the doctor's office, and Fox News was on. So I'm already in a bad mood after hearing 4 Republican responses... and one TEA PARTY response to the oil spill (which was recent, at that point.)

    But the thing that set me off was... this couple walks in with their kid, and they start talking about a chain email, they got, and apparently believed, about assassinations, and about they always happen to non-Christians. (Presumably, because God would have came down and prevented death if they were.)

    Well, first they brought up John Lennon, who got shot because he was Buddhist, apparently. And then... Martin Luther King Jr. ...Which didn't make any sense, because he was not only a Christian, but a Christian LEADER... I guess he wasn't the RIGHT KIND of Christian.

    I've heard some awful things coming out of the mouths of everyday people, but this recently tops the list, talking about, at the best explanation, they weren't magically protected from their deaths because they weren't the right religion; and at worst- God actually contributed and organized their deaths for not being good Christians. In front of their kid.

    I was ready to lose it. What about Anthony Hopkins, a Religious leader who killed his wife and stored her body in a freezer for years? What about the Minnesota bridge collapse?

    What about Hitler. People tried to assassinate him. He was divinely protected, apparently.

    These people are the bottom of the dirt when it comes to death. They have no right to claim any moral superiority.

  3. OK, I'm with you on almost everything you said except... Anthony Hopkins? The Oscar-winning actor? That really threw me, because that's the only "Anthony Hopkins" I'm familiar with. (Or could find in wikipedia.)

    As for notion these idiots hold that God will somehow protect the "Right Kind of Christian" from assassination... LOL... It seems to me that what's in order for these fols is some kind of "Witch Trial" or "test of fath" if you will, whereby the holder of this belief steps forward, and I'm given a revolver...

    Yeah, I'm kidding.

    But I think you see my point: It's not because God protects them, but rather becuase they are the ones that COMMIT most of the assassinations! While Liberals and Progressives (and yes, moderate, ACTUAL Conservatives) tend towards non-violence.

    Once again: To make an otherwise good person do evil things, first they need religion. (Appropriately, that idea comes from Hitchens.)

    Thanks for your comment(s). ;)

  4. http://www.al.com/news/press-register/index.ssf?/base/news/1217409343125180.xml&coll=3

    I was telling the truth. >_<

  5. I wouldn't say such a thing - that people die because they lack faith. It would not be true. People with faith go through tragedies and die just as the faithless ones do.

    We mortals know nothing about God's criteria, intentions, plans, preferrences. All we know is that there's hope that praying will help protect us, guide us, cure us. When I say 'us' I mean us individually. I don't believe in organized Faith, but in my own personal 'dialogue' with that spiritual superpower called God. We mustn't give up Hope, it's Hope that keeps us going.

    I'm sorry about your father and grandfather. People say that quiting smoking is harder than quitting heroine! I wouldn't know about that, but I know that any kind of addiction is dangerous. I could eat tiramisu cake (italian stuff) 365 days a week, three times a day. That's how mad I'm about it. But, thank God I resist temptation; I do have inner discipline.

  6. @Dradeeus,

    Wow. Thanks for the link. Somehow, I'm still picturing him as Hannibal Lecter though. Pretty "chilling" stuff. (OMG, that was bad! LOL)


    I'm sorry, that was a really cheap shot on my part. I was just being a smart ass, having some fun, but I realize now that it was in bad taste. So I apologize for that.

    As for us not knowing God's plan, and hope keeping us going? You're absolutely right. And the statement really hold true whether our individual images of God are correct or not.

    Actually it was seeing my Gradfather at the end of his life that finally motivated my Dad to quit. And while he hasn't smoked in ~25 years, his Doctor told him that the 15 or so that he DID smoke likely played a role in his cancer. Thankfully he's doing very well - cancer-wise, anyway. TREATMENT-wise it's still really rough, but at least they're WORKING. So... I guess that beats the alternative.

    As for Tiramisu? Yeah, that's NOT a temptation I can resist, personally. LOVE the stuff. If I see it, I'll eat it. Pretty much a forgone conclusion. So I admire your discipline. That's just not something I can pass up! LOL. I've never smoked, but I could EASILY give up Alchohol LONG before I could really give up sweets or junkfood.

    Thank you both for your comments.

  7. Your comparison between the dignified left and the repulsive right's response to the death of prominent figures is amazing - when I heard the news of Stevens, I saw the responses come out praising the man (and some that praised him but respectfully disagreed with him). I was a bit surprised but I had completely forgotten about the treatment the right gave Ted Kennedy...

    Sure there were some exceptions, but not many.

    It is this kind of forgetfulness that the right banks on - they know that they can be jerks one day and be completely nice the next and nobody will know the difference. Is this why nice guys finish last?

  8. Kev,

    Yep, that's pretty much how it goes, isn't it?

    Thanks for your comment.