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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gold Star Awards, February, 2012

Late again. So I'm going to do March's and February's back-to-back to get caught up.  These will also be fairly brief, only because I'm short on time.  I'll also get to the comments as soon as I can, I know I'm behind on those as well. Work's been crazy lately. I don't even have time for Video Games! LOL

It's 1972: Three BWAA Inductees, one for the Veteran's Committee.

The Yogi Berra God Star #44: Feministing

Much like Phil Rizuto is only in the Hall of Fame because his crosstown ‘rival’ Pee Wee Reese was put in, I can hardly honor Jezebel without giving a shout-out to their spiritual sisters over at Feministing. And if I need any more burnishing of my feminist cred…

The Sandy Koufax God Star #45: Boycott Rush

Some truly fine and noble work being done here. Of course, I guess this makes that “slut,” Sandra Fluke happy. I mean, WTF, people? He offered to buy them all the aspirin’s they needed to hold between their knees! What more do you people WANT?!

(See, Rush? THAT’S what satire looks like! Asshole.)

The Early Wynn Gold Star #46: Disinformation

I have to admit that it’s been awhile since I’ve been a regular here. I’ve been meaning to endorse them for rather a long time now, and one site after another kept making me put this one off. But I do enjoy their insightful writing about a wide variety of topics.

The Lefty Gomez Silver Star #44: XKCD

Funny as hell. Similar to SMBC and The Bad Chemicals, only black and white, more poorly drawn and yet possibly even more sublime. Check them out!

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