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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THE TOP TEN (for Craig D)

OK - Many thanks to Craig D for the (so far) lone response in Davy Jones obit.  And in light of that, I want to take another step away from Politics for a minute and have a little fun with - and conduct a little poll about - music. 

So here's what we're going to do. I'm going to list, in no partcular order, what I BELIEVE the top ten albums of all time are.

RULE #1: If you READ IT? You MUST comment.

RULE #2: Your comments must and may only consist of your own top-ten Albums list. No extensive or disrespectful opining about my choices or anyone elses, and no pissing contests! (And only TEN, limit one per band, and no TIES allowed!)


But I DO want, very much, everyone to participate. I'm interested to see what will come out of it.

So here's mine:

The Beatles -  Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? (1967)

Led Zepplin - IV (runes, zofo, etc...) (1971)

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (1971)

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (1975)

The Eagles - Hotel California (1976)

Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)

Ozzy Ozbourne - Blizzard of Ozz (1981)

Guns 'n Roses - Appetite for Destruction (1987)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

(OK, so it ended up in chronoligical order. Yours doesn't have to be! LOL)


  1. Gee whiz! Thanks for the shout-out! All you have to do is post one comment here and you're a freakin' celebrity!

    Here's my rather arbitrary list, since you asked:

    THE BEATLES - Meet The Beatles
    THE MONKEES - Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces & Jones
    THE BYRDS - Mr. Tambourine Man
    THE BEACH BOYS - Pet Sounds
    k.d. lang - Ingenue
    BOB & RAY - On A Platter
    HOMER & JETHRO - The Worst Of...
    Various Artists - Nuggets
    FRANK ZAPPA - Apostrophe

  2. Geez, such a straightjacket. My list makes no sense if I don't get to haughtily sneer at everyone else.

    Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
    Michael Jackson - Invincible
    Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma
    Mirrorthrone - Gangrene
    Danny Elfman - Batman soundtrack
    Juno Reactor - Labyrinth
    Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope
    Garbage - 2.0
    Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto 3
    Battles - Mirrored

  3. If ye're t'inkin' I'll be lettin' m'self be constrained on the Feast o God's Chosen People, t'ink again, boyo.

    1. The Beatles: ABBEY ROAD 1969
    2. Original B'way Cast: WEST SIDE STORY 1957
    3 CROSBY, STILLS & NASH 1969 (*expanded version 2006)
    4. Bob Dylan BEFORE THE FLOOD 1974
    5. The Mamas and the Papas IF YOU CAN BELIEVE YOUR EYES AND EARS 1966
    6. Beethoven Symphony #3: EROICA
    7. Van Morrison MOONDANCE 1970
    8. THE PLATTERS BEST COLLECTION (originals, remixed 02)
    9. U2 WAR 1983
    10. Cream DISRAELI GEARS 1967

    Here's why all those Micks went wild when they saw "MACUSHLA" on Hillary Swank's back in MILLION DOLLAR BABY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuAPz_sVJlo
    Sorry about the soupy strings, but how 'bout that voice?
    Happy St. Paddy's to all those not wearing orange.

  4. In no particular order;
    the Beatles Let it Be,
    Neil Young After the Gold Rush,
    KD Lang Torch and Twang,
    Luciana Pavarotti Mama,
    Prince Purple Rain,
    Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow,
    Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland(are you experienced actually fav but you snagged it so shout out to this), Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks,
    James Gang-James Gang Rides Again,
    Frank Sinatra My Way
    No rhyme or reason but if these were the only ten albums I could ever listen to I would be ok with that.

  5. In no order whatsoever;

    "Supertramp" - Supertramp
    "Between the 1 and the 9" - Patti Rothberg
    "A Classic Case" - Jethro Tull with the London Symphony Orchestra
    "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" - Sarah McLachlan
    David Palmer and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play the music of Pink Floyd
    "Southern Accents" - Tom Petty
    "The Definitive Simon and Garfunkel"
    "Use Your Illusion I and II" - Guns n' Roses (counting as one, because I want to)
    "Under the Table and Dreaming" - Dave Matthews Band
    "Brothers in Arms" - Dire Straits

  6. DW wanted me to go ahead and add her list:

    Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan
    Parsely, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme - Simon and Garfunkel
    Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
    Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - The Cure
    Book of Secrets - Lorena McKennitt
    James Taylor - James Taylor
    Liscense to Ill - The Beastie Boys
    Pearl - Janice Joplin
    Poems and Prayers and Promises - John Denver
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Craig D: Don't mention it. When you have as few readers as I do, it's both really easy and rather a pleasure to connect with them! Thanks for your list.

    Steeve: All is apparent, my friend. All is apparent! Great list.

    Conchobhar, Jlaure: Thanks for contributing your lists.

    Brabantio: Welcome back! It's been a while! Thanks for your list as well!

  7. At least today this is it:

    Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time
    The Exies – Head for the Door
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Queeensryche – Operation Mindcrime
    King’s X – Dogman
    Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger
    Smile Empty Soul – Smile Empty Soul
    Stone Sour – Stone Sour
    Trivium – In Waves
    Testament – The Formation of Damnation