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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

R.I.P., Davy Jones

OK, so I'm a week late (and a dollar short) and I've got OTHER THINGS that I need to post and respond to (including a VERY GOOD POINT that William made - yes, you read that right!) But at the moment, I just really want to post THIS, since I was unaware of his passing until just now...

God, I love this song.
Rest in peace, Davy.


  1. HERE is a blog entry I did about The Monkees some time back. I take it from your blog that you are a sports enthustiast, but as I mentioned It was about the only time I felt that I had won a point in an argument.

    R.I.P. Davy.

  2. LOL, well done!

    Actually I'm not a huge sports fan, so much as a mentally unstable BASEBALL fan. At different times in my life I have followed Boxing and Basketball, I watch the Super Bowl, if my Patriots are playing in it (and they're only "my" Patriots if they ARE! LOL) So... outside of of Baseball, while I still can hold my own at the bar, I don't really follow any other sports very closely.

    As far as MUSIC goes... Hey, in my experience EVERYONE has at least ONE band they're embarrassed to admit they like. My GF in HS? Barry Manilowe. Mine's pronbably John Denver, (as anyone who would say 'Bob Dylan' is just a moron).) I had a friend in college who was a HUGE Christopher Corss fan. And my boss, who introduced mt to Sixx:A.M. was recently singing the praises of Michael Jackson. (I'm fine with recognizing Jackson's greatness and achievements but you don't expect to find too many fans of his that also love the Crue! LOL) SO that kind of stuff never bother's me anymore.

    Anyone who DOESN'T like at least ONE goofy singer or band is just a crowd follower without any real taste in music anyway!

  3. My very first concert was the Monkees, and it was a great show. Their sense of humor probably helped pave the way for my love of Barenaked Ladies, the Refreshments, and Cake.

    Sort of a gateway drug, a suppose.

  4. All right, R.I.P Davy Jones, gone to the Locker a little early.
    That said, I've always hated the very idea of the Monkees, as a corporate creation. I feel the same about Menudo, also. So I've always been embarrassed that I like "I'm A Believer," in spite of my 'ideology.'

    I suppose my embarrassing group would be ABBA, though I'm not really embarrassed that I like tight harmonies and bare Swedish ladies. OK, they weren't bare, they were bell-bottomed, but you're never too old to dream.