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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gold Star Awards, March, 2012

So as not to be late again, I'm doing March's and February's back-to-back. These be fairly brief, only because I'm short on time. I'll also get to the comments as soon as I can, as I mentioned before, I know I'm behind on those as well.

It's 1973: Two BWAA Inductees, and two from the Veteran's Committee.

The Roberto Clemente Gold Star #47: Truth-Out

I was turned onto these guys by a referral from Conchobhar. A must-have for any regular of MMFA, FAIR, Foxhounds, Newscorpse, etc…

The Warren Spahn Gold Star #48: Politics Plus

"Overcoming right wing insanity, one day at a time." One of the better written, more well-informed Progressive Blogs out there.  Great content, updated constantly.

The Mickey Welch Silver Star #45: Living with Insanity

A webcomic about a webcomic writer. Having done a webcomic myself for a couple years, not to mention having lived with insantiy, I can relate to so much of what goes on in this. (Except that part about selling out, making tons of money and having millions of fans. I had a few fans, but the opportunity to sell out never quite came my way. LOL)  The plot isn't super-involved, but I still recommend reading from the beginning. (That link skips over a bunch of earlier, non-LWI stuff, BTW!)

The George “Highpockets” Kelly Polyester Star: Fixed Earth
Do you think the Global Warming deniers are un-Scientific? How about Young Earth Creationists? What about FLAT-EARTHERS? Well: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Check THESE GUYS out. If someone can convince me that this is a parody, I will promote them to a Silver, and possibly a Gold Star, because if it IS parody, it’s fucking brilliant. But there combination of the earnestness of their posts and the fairly crappy appearance of the website makes me want to believe it’s legit. Which makes for a frightening read. (Becuase some of these people probably VOTE!)

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