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Monday, July 30, 2012

A few more...

Sorry, guys. I had so much fun with the last post, that I would like to share a few more pieces from my collection...

This was my Grandfather's Club:

He was a Cop from the late 1940's to the early 1980's.  In that time he never once fired his gun.  The CLUB, however, as you can see, DID see a bit of use:

(Holy crap!) He passed away back in 1993, and this family heirloom came into my possession around that time. My mother actually had it prior to that, but figured I'd probably appreciate it more. (Also, if you're keeping score, it is precisely 1 foot long, but I have no idea what kind of wood it is.)

This was a college graduation present from DW:

It's a four foot long poleaxe called a "bardiche." It's purely ornamental.  Sure: it would still suck to get HIT by it, but it is in no condition to be used for it's intended purpose of cutting people's heads off.

Finally, this is a piece that I got as a souvenir from our honeymoon in Arizona:

It's a tourist piece, of course, purely ornamental. But it's hand-painted, with some pretty intricate beadwork of turquoise and bone.  It caught my eye anyway.  It is functional in one way, BTW... Not as a tomahawk, mind you - I couldn't scalp anyone, or fight with it - but it is a completely functional peace-pipe.

So the day the legalize marijuana? This little baby MIGHT finally see some action!

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  1. Eddie, when WW2 ended my dad brought home four Japanese army Swords. It amazes me that he managed to get them from Japan and home to the reservation, with them sticking out of his army duffle bag the whole time. Boy, have things change, eh?