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Political Talk Show Host and Internet Radio Personality. My show, In My Humble Opinion, aired on RainbowRadio from 2015-2017.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't forget...

Rainbow.FM Program Schedule

Tuesday, May 5th

7:00 - 8:00 pm est -  The Paul And Matty Show

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm est - Cutmore 

10:00 pm - 11:00 pm est - In My Humble Opinion with Niceguy Eddie
with special guest, Danah Gaz


  1. Danah just informed me of your show. Congratulations on this. I'll be tuning in to hear your conversation.

    Best of luck on your inaugural (I think?) show.

  2. Thanks! Yes, tonight's show in the first. Glad to hear from you! I've missed all you guys since getting banned from MMFA.

  3. I had no idea you had been banned. I know I hadn't seen you around in quite a while, but just assumed you, like some others, just got fed up and left. Considering what they (still) allow to go on there, I find it a little perplexing that they'd axe some of their better commenters and let stand what they did/do.

    By the way, just finished listening to your show. Great job! I'm really looking forward to hearing the conclusion next week. It was great to hear two of my favorite MediaMatters commenters talk about the issues. It was incredibly informative and engaging.

    Well done.

  4. Thanks. I really appreciate the kind words.

    As for MMFA... I never did get a formal explanation for why I was banned. And I've asked numerous times now, but they've never replied. My GUESS is that it's one of four things...

    (1) Foul Language , which has been going on for YEARS
    (2) Personal Attacks (again...)
    (3) You're not supposed to link to personal sites, and again I'd been doing THAT for years as well. (Linking back to THIS site in my signature of pretty much every post.)

    and...(4)... One day this real *ASSHOLE* is replying to one of my comments. Typical bigoted RW jack-boot scumbag. But he replied from his PHONE. And his phone decided to leave his PHONE NUMBER at the bottom of his post! So... (VERY bad idea...) I looked him up! LOL And I replied back: "Hey, [Dude's actual name], who works at Comcast in Norfolk, Virginia: Maybe you don't want to leave your phone number on your posts!"

    Now, I don't KNOW if that was the real reason, but... if it WAS, I can at least admit that I had it coming. That really was uncalled for, after all. And they did take that post down pretty quickly n any case.

  5. I'd guess it was (4). They seem to suddenly develop a set of eyes with things like that.

    I hope you don't mind, but I dropped a link to your blog and to rainbow radio at Media Matters. I'm guessing if I didn't know you had been banned, there are a lot of others who didn't know, either.

  6. Congratulations mate. All the best. I used too enjoy reading your posts over at MMfA.
    I'm a bit of a fan of Dana...(blush).

  7. Hey there Eddie. Nice thing you got going here. Just found out from imbecile about your show. Been trying to hear your interview with Dana , I think she's a freaking genius , but I'm having a hard time getting a link to it. Anyhoo best of luck in your endeavor and will definitely tune in next time.

  8. Not at all. Thanks! I'm going to try to weasel my my back in with a duplicate account - different email, same screen name. We'll see if that flies. In the meantime, THANKS!

  9. Thanks. I'll be re-posting the show here tomorrow night. Danah and continue for a bit into next week's show as well. Hopefully things will run more smoothly on the tech side next time. Danah had a hard time getting it to stream for her as well, actually. Worked for me, but the show BEFORE mine kept lagging on me.

  10. Thanks. Danah and I got off to a super rough start - quite a bit of bad blood over several weeks/months. But I'm glad that we (both) made the effort to work things out. She's extremely principled - beyond what most people even understand that word to mean - and not afraid to take a controversial stand and defend it. Even in those times where we disagree (which, it turns out, is a lot less than we thought) I can certainly respect the fact that she really does "walk the walk."

  11. Agreed. You couldn't get a more prickly 1st guest! Good luck with it Eddie and I'll catch a listen when I can.

  12. Hey Nice - just read on MMfA about you being banned! That just sucks. I always enjoy reading you. Imbecile sent me here...Congratulations on the radio show.
    Please try to sneal back to MMfA - yours was an important and needed voice there!
    all the best- nancy

  13. Do it! Do it! : )