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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Please tune in!

Tuesday, 5/12/15 at 10:PM EST on RainbowRadio.FM for:

I finish up my conversation from last week, with Danah Gaz, give MY TAKE on the situation in Baltimore (William would love it!) [/sarcasm] and my special guest will be Chris Hazelton, creator of Misfile!
Hope you will join us!


  1. "(William would love it!) [/sarcasm] "

    You wouldn't know what I would love. You're the one who defends people who make shit up about what I would love and consider it to be factual. (not sarcasm). I could only guess what your "take" on the Baltimore situation is, after all, you're the one who calls a situation where a convicted violent criminal who is resisting arrest after selling illegal weapons and drugs on the street is accidentally killed and you call it an execution. Yeah, your "take" is so tweaked, I wouldn't be surprised by anything you write or say about Baltimore.

  2. William, we're not going to argue over who says what or what you think they meant by it. Ever again. If you disagree with a point that's made, just address it. No more of this he said/she bullshit.

    As for what I said about Baltimore, you hardly need to guess as the show is hosted in the radio tab above. Relevant commentary starts around the 20 minute mark, give or take. If you don't want to listen? Fine, then we're done here. And I neither need to know, nor care, why you're not going to tune in or listen to it. My audience that week was over 23,000 listeners. So whether you tune in or not is entirely your perrogative.

    Now... If you DO listen to it, I'd be very much interested in hearing your thoughts on what I said.

  3. " If you disagree with a point that's made, just address it. No more of this he said/she bullshit."

    I addressed it and you ran away without a whimper. Why should I care about what you have to say now? You couldn't even answer the points I raised, and now you're whining that I have the gall to post on your blog site? How very liberal of you.