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Friday, July 24, 2015

Coming up, on IMHO!

We've got some really great shows coming up on IMHO Radio:

On Sunday, the 26th at 3:PM Eastern:

D. and I not only go over his (dare I say it?) militantly Pro-Choice Web-Comic and talk abortion rights in general.  William (remember him?) actually said in his last email to me that he was going to tune in. Of course... he still thinks the counter on THIS PAGE has anything to do with he show, so if he's HERE at 3:00 on Sunday, he's not going to hear much! Remember folks: The show airs on RainbowRadio!

(And lately it's been starting about 5 minutes early for some reason, so don't be afraid to join in a a little early!)

On Tuesday, the 28th, at 10:PM, I'll cover my experiences at:

Lucien Greaves and his merry band of Devil Worshipers Secular Humanists will be unveiling the never before seen 9', 1 ton, bronze statue of Baphomet to the public.  This was originally commissioned to stand next to the monument to the 10 Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma City Courthouse, but, since their State Supreme Court shot DOWN the 10 Commandments monument, plans have changed and this statue may now be on its way to Little Rock Arkansas, where Justice Roy Moore apparently has never read the First Amendment.  In any case after many threats of protests and even BOMB threats - for CHRISTIAN groups, no less - the location of the event is being kept secret until tomorrow morning, but rest assure I will be there to report on it!

And finally (for now anyway) on Sunday, August 2nd, at 3:PM,..

...I have the pleasure of hosting Super Star ISSA, and Rainbow Radio founder (not to mention that of a dozen other stations!) Barbara Sobel - who's the soul reason you'll be listening to me in the first place!

And finally, IF things go according to plan, on Tuesday, August 4th...

That's right, folks! I'll be hosting Deven Green, the comedienne behind the viral videos of "Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian!" 


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