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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sunday's show, talking music with Issa and then politics with Barbara Sobel, was a HUGE success. I want to thank EVERYONE who tuned in (especially those in Singapore and Iran that were in the chat!) If you didn't catch it, and you might be the only one, it's now hosted on the Radio Page.  I also want to thank Issa so much from coming, and Barbara for not only coming on but for giving me this opportunity, and for helping to put everything together and get it out there!  We're doin' great and we're gonna keep on rollin'!

Speaking of which...

Don't forget to tune in Tuesday, at 10:PM Eastern!  It's official, done and in the books! I have the honor of hosting Deven Green, aka AMERICA'S BEST CHRISTIAN, MRS. BETTY BOWERS!

So be sure to tune in and, in the meantime, to SPREAD THE WORD

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