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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coming up...

A couple of changes to the upcoming schedule.  We'll be in re-run this Saturday (4/12) after which, we'll have the show (shown above) with DJ Paul Rhodes, who's got some upcoming projects to plug as well as to continue out discussion of Clinton vs. Sanders.  Last time we heard from PJ Espinal, a Sanders supporter who was determined not to vote for Clinton is Sanders doesn't get the nomination. Paul is a Clinton supporter who feels the same about Sanders.

Up next, on 3/22, I'll be sitting down with Gender Justice League founder and State House Candidate for Washington's 43rd District, Danni Askini!

Then on 3/29, I will be joined by activist and former US Navy Aviator, Brynn Tannehill!

We'll follow that up on 4/5 with Doctor Lisa O'Connor and Diane Bruessow of Healthy Transitions, LLC!

On 4/9...

Then starting on 4/12, a show that I've been trying to book since day one on the Radio... ZINNIA JONES!

...AND as it turns out, Ms. Jones was so generous with her time, and gracious enough to answer the multitude of questions that I had been accumulating since last May, that this show had to span two full episodes. So part two will air on April 19th. (THANK YOU, ZINNIA!)

BTW, William? If you only ever listen to one episode of my radio program, make it THESE TWO! ;)

And moving to 4/26, Deven Stewart, author of Autumn Rose and Creator of Pink Dollar Comics!

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