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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fight Transmisogyny!

I love Jessica's work, but sometimes she can be really scary.

But this is a serious issue, and a relatively superficial feature of a much deeper, more sinister agenda on the part of the Religious Right.  Their arguments are based not in science, medicine or even crime statistics but rather in bigotry and fear-mongering.  And before anybody (I'm looking at YOU, ewarenotWilliam) tries to challenge mo on this, realize that repealing these protections (in place since 2006 in over 200 U.S. cities, without incident) and forcing someone like the author...

...to use the MEN'S room would have the parallel effect of forcing THIS PERSON...

...into using the LADIES ROOM!  (And MY WIFE is NOT OK with that!) So FFS, please: THINK about what you're saying and plan to do and about the effect it has on the people you claim to be protecting before you speak.


1) No actions or "compromises" that expose transgender people to ACTUAL danger is acceptable in order to protect cisgender people from perceived, imagined and largely mythical danger.

2) Given the level of violence faced by transgender people in our society, no actions or "compromises" that force them OUT THEMSELVES to everyone around them is not even remotely acceptable.

BTW... Those two people are Jessica Udischas and Buck Angel respectively, both of whom have been gracious enough to appear on my show and share some of their experiences.  I'd advise one to LISTEN to them before judging them. (Their names there link to their respective shows.)

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