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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How NOT to argue a point...

In the past I've expressed my sincere appreciation of the conservative posters over on MMFA. As much as I really love the sight's comments, it's the discussions and debates that ensue below each item that really keep me coming back. Of course every sight has these, but over the years, IMHO, the level of discourse there, heated though it may be, just seems to be on a much higher level than what I've encountered elsewhere. And while there have been countless liberal posters that I've admired, it's the CONSERVATIVES, those people that I've butted heads with full force that have really kept me interested, and made it so much fun. So I'll stand by everything I said in my earlier post, with one exception:


Since MMFA has closed comments on the item we were "debating," I'll have to post my reply to his last post here. This is a bit unnecessary, perhaps, but he really pissed me off. And if I'm going to respond somewhere, it may as well be HERE. So I won't hold it against you if you decide to skip this post. This is really just meant for him, in case he has the balls to try and take me on here. It might seem be a bit petty of me to continue a discussion from somewhere else back here. I mean, there is a lot of serious shit going on in the world today, right? Aw, fuck it.  He pissed me off, and this is MY blog. And as far as I know he doesn't have one, or I'd go THERE. So fuck 'im. I'm going to put his stupidity on display here for all to see, as I pull his last response apart point-by-point.
Brilliant. I am talking about the barrier being built. YOU claim it is "WAAAAAY OFF TOPIC". Hey, einstein, the barrier plan IS the topic. And you whine that I can't read. Here's a cake, cause you sure take it.
What he's hoping her is that nobody realizes here is that I was referring to his inexplicable question / mispaced quote: eddie-- Tell us again how confusing the basics of the American progressive tax system is. Now, to his credit he DID acknowledge that this was a cut-n-paste error. All I did was tell him that I had in fact taken that topic up as well in my blog, but to please comment [here] rather than [in MMFA] since that would be "waaay off topic." But hey, why pass up an opportunity to have your attempt to make someone else look stupid completely backfire on you, huh?
eddie-- You, sir, are the one conlcuding it's GOOD just because a Republican came up with it.
I don't like the plan "just" because a republican came up with it. I think it is better to protect the area from a MASSIVE oil spill (and getting larger by the minute) any way you can, quickly. If you're idea of protecting that area is to let the oil soak in then clean it up afterward, then you go ahead and think that is a good idea. Maybe you would like to let it get soaked with oil then they can burn the oil away. Wow, another brilliant thought.

Now, while Floyd is entitled to his opinion about how best to deal with the situation - and Governor Jindal would seem to be on his side, there are a few people whose opinions he hasn't addressed. And they're not mine or even President Obama's. The people that disagree with Gov. Jindal and Floyd are the FUCKING ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS! Now he does a lot of putting words in my mouth, in terms of other lousy options, and asks what I might do instead. Floyd? I have no fucking idea. Not a clue. And unlike you, I have no problem admitting that. Know why? IT'S NOT MY FUCKING JOB TO KNOW THAT SHIT! I don't know the first thing about cleaning up an oil spill. Neither does Bobby Jindal. Neither does Barack Obama. And, unless you have a PhD from Exxon U. that I'm unaware of, neither do you. There are some people who DO know however. A lot of them work for BP. (So far...? I'm not that impressed.) Do you know where some other might be? IN THE FUCKING ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS! You know... that long-haired band of environmentalist hippies that is the U.S. FUCKING MILITARY!

I don't know if the sand burms would be a good idea or not, but that being the case, I'll trust the judgment of the Army Corps of Engineers. Their judgment, seeing as how it's their job to make it, should be good enough for Bobby Jindal and it sure as hell should be good enough for fucking FLOYD!

WHAT, pray tell, do you think would work better than to block the oil from reaching land? Oh, wait, let me guess. You would prefer to whine that the oil not be spilled in the first place and you will whine and whine about who caused the spill and who ignored regulations and who should pay for the repairs. Hey, nimrod, the oil IS spilled. Time to act is NOW, not after you finish whining about WHO caused it.

There's some truly beautiful misdirection going on here. First of all, see above as far as who's job it is (not mine) to figure out how best to deal with the situation. There are only so many times I can type "FUCKING ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS" before it loses its impact. In any case, here's the readers digest version of what they had to say:

1) It probably wouldn't work.
2) If they DID work, they'd protect the sensitive marshes in Louisiana at the cost of the sensitive marshes in Mississippi.
3) They wash away in a matter of days
4) The particular type of sand is apparently a pretty scarce resource (who knew?) so it's not wise to waste it on something so stupid.

Now... The ACE has submitted a modified proposal but Gov. Jindal, in his infinite technical wisdom, has rejected it. And I'll be the first to admit that I haven't the slightest idea how else they'd use that sand. Again: Not my fucking job. But if I have to decide between the judgment of a politician or that of a team of engineers, regarding the effectiveness of an engineering project, I'll that the engineers’ judgment EVERY FUCKING TIME. PERIOD. And to me it's completely irrelevant whether that politician is a Democrat, a Republican, a Political Genius or an idiot like Bobby Fucking Jindal. I don’t want Politician’s making engineering judgments anymore than I want engineers making political ones. If the ACE says the project is a waste of a scare resource, THEN IT'S A WASTE OF A SCARCE RESOURCE. So STFU, and accept that your "plan" SUCKS.

Also - notice how he says liberals are "whining" about prevention? Yeah. "Whining." Floyd? We've be "whining" FOR THIRTY FUCKING YEARS ABOUT IT! And if anyone had been LISTENING in past three decades, this wouldn't have happened. And as we get no satisfaction out of being right all the time and having nothing to show for it but saying, "I told you so," you're goddamned right we're going to "whine" about it a little more. Because maybe, just maybe, after a disaster like this some people might finally realize just how shitty an idea this energy model really is, who's been fighting to KEEP it (Conservatives) and whose been "whining" in an effort to enact something better (Liberals.)

And shit... at its worst, at “whining” doesn't completely deplete a precious resource that the Army Corps of Engineers says they'll need later on to deal with the disaster!

Yeah you schooled me alright. You schooled me into seeing how idiotic liberals are when they whine and whine about who caused the largest oil spill in decades while ignoring that something NEEDS TO BE DONE. That is classic liberalism... whine about what caused it, but refusing to actually DO something to fix it.

There's a delicious irony (or maybe just some bitter hypocrisy) at work here. Because Jindal's plan represents a microcosm of conservative planning in General: Do something, ANYTHING, today, and to hell with the consequences on (almost literally) tomorrow. And then? Once you've "done something," whether it's slap a band-aid on it, or just dump a bunch of much-needed sand into the ocean, go right back to what you are doing. THAT is classic conservatism: Keep fucking things up the say way over and over again, and then dismiss your critics as “whiners.”

Where was CLinton's massive solar panel deal? Where was Clinton's super EV plans? Where were Clinton's great 'take us off oil dependancy' plans? Typical liberal, blame a republican when no democrat did anything to correct the problem you whine is present. What regulations were put in place when the democrats took control of the political system in 06? Did any regulations appear when Obama took over in 08? Geee, NO ... NONE. But, liberalism tells you it is ALL Bush's fault. Even when he was out of office for a year before any drilling even started on that platform. OBAMA called for further off-shore drilling, OBAMA WANTED to allow BP and others to drill any way they wanted to. Bush did too, but so does OBAMA. Obama IS president, he is in charge, he is NOW responsible for regulations that oversee those platforms. Too bad it takes a major disaster for him to wise up and see he should have done something a little earlier. And all you can say is: Bush caused it.

Actually, I had blamed REAGAN in this case, but whatever. I'll bite.

I think you'll find that Obama took a lot of flak from Liberals over that expanded off-shore drilling. The "typical liberals" were echoing concerns of those "whiny" environmental groups you lot so often mock. And you know what? I wasn't even really among them. I realized that, sadly, we DO need a lot of oil at the moment, shitty though that reality is. But you've got to love how it's somehow BAD for us to blame Republicans when the polices they've championed for thirty years now lead to disaster, but somehow it's OK for them to BLAME Obama because he threw them a bone and gave them something they’ve been fighting for. I mean how insane (or just flat-out fucking stupid) do you have to be to not see the difference between saying "How dare you give them that concession?" and "How dare you give us that concession?!"

As for Clinton... Again, I've never claimed to be a hug fan of Bill Clinton, but between 1981 - When Reagan took the Solar Panels off the White House roof and 2009, when Obama took office, Clinton was President for exactly EIGHT of those TWNETY-EIGHT years. And he had a Republican controlled Congress for six of them. A Republican controlled Congress that indicated it’s refusal to sign the Kyoto Climate Treaty, I might add. But hey, so what? I guess that's all Clinton's fault, huh? Hey asshole: Clinton and/or (President) Gore would have gladly signed Kyoto, and we’d have started working on those Solar Panels some 8-12years ago. But the REPUBLICAN Congress wouldn’t sign Kyoto, the Supreme Court would let the will of the people decide the President, and Bush chose to give preference to the Climate deniers, as the Republican’s are wont to do. So yeah, I guess I am blaming Bush. But, hey: If he didn’t FUCK EVERYTHING UP, the everything wouldn’t be his fault! (Duh.)

Go back to your blog and continue whining to your liberal cohorts.

Thanks, I will. Just one problem: You lot are perfectly welcome to come by and try to take me on any time you like. I promise you that I don't moderate comments based on politics or even foul or abusive language (that would be monumentally hypocritical of me, no? LOL). Only blatant spam. So, by all mean, take your best shot. (But if this pathetic attempt is it? Don’t waste your time, or mine.)

Go to mmfa and continue reading and believing their constant lies and misinformation.

See my "Level One" through "Level Three" from a few posts ago. Identifying something as Liberal is not the same as proving it false. But you idiots never seem to be able to wrap your heads around this.

You're a sheeple in sheeple's clothing.

Really poor grammar, dude.  Don't try to be clever. (Just be yourself!) You see, in your mind I'm a "sheep." "Sheeple" would be plural. And despite the awesome intellectual presence that I represent on the 'net, I can assure you that there's only one of me.  I'd still rather have my shepard be the Army Corps of Engineers than Bobby Fucking Jindal, however 

You don't fool anyone.

Well THANK GOD for that: I'm not trying to! I'll leave "fooling people" to the conservatives and the fools who follow them. I'm trying to CONVINCE people, using facts, reason and good judgment. (I suppose I could do with a bit more DIPLOMACY as well, but oh well…) You might try it yourself sometime, but I better warn you ahead of time: Some idiot conservative will probably "whine" about you being a liberal.

Thanks to anyone other than Floyd who bothered to read all this. I hope you were entertained. I know I had a blast.

As to Mister Floyd? I’ve wasted enough of my time on you. This is WAY more consideration that you deserve.


OMT… What might be the single most absurd part of this whole sad comedy is that MMFA’s original point was that Jindal was lying when he said he was [PP] “Still waiting to get approval” to proceed with the sand burms. OK… I guess this was technically true, because he did NOT yet have approval. But he was lying by implying that he hadn’t heard back at all. He had. His proposal was shot down. In conservative-speak this is the equivalent of saying “God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.” So he might be “still waiting,” but he’s going to be waiting forever since his idea was REJECTED (rather than ignored) and he’s in turn rejected the ACE’s counter-proposal. "Waiting for approval" is not the same thing "already got rejected."  By that logic, I'm "still waiting" for Loraine Garrison from the 10th grade to go out with me. (Of course, not being Bobby Jindal, I realized about 20 years ago that this wasn't going to happen!) What is lost on the useless waste of key-strokes that I’m debating with here, is that whether Jindal’s idea was good or bad, he can’t say he “hasn’t yet gotten an answer.” That’s a lie. Period. He did. And the answer was, “No.”

Hey Floyd…

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