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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Republican Logo

I'm glad to see that BP is finally making SOME progress in closing off that well.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx it!

In any case, a few posts back I suggested revising the Republican Party's Logo, to go along with the whole "Bay of Rigs" thing.  (Which, despite having been the brainchild of Rush Limbaugh, I still say is funny as hell!)  Anyway, I'd like to share my proposal with you all.  Here it is:

Feel free to forward that image to whomever you like.  If you can manage to remember to tell them where you got it from, that'd be really great, K? 


  1. Hey Eddie- see you @ M.M. all the time. Wha'sup with the "Defeat the Democrats" ad from the NRSC on your site? Shouldn't we support the Lib. Dems.? Don't tell me you sold out, unless the money is that good! (P.S.- you should go to Townhall's blog once in a while and help me, "El Rushbo", out conservative the conservatives there. For instance, "the more money you have, the more Patriotic you are" thus "I" am the most Patriotic of Patriots.)

  2. El Rushbo,

    Unfortunately Google assigns the ads, and pretty arbitrarily at that. What's more, for the most part only RW'ers choose to advertise through them.

    To show just how clueless their ad-bots are, last month I wrote a post called "Google Tag Poetry" which was a really crappy/silly poem criticising vaious RW'ers. And sure enough, one of their books ended up getting advirtised right below it! As for the MONEY... nah, it's not really that good. But just remember: When you click on their ad, THEIR money goes to ME, to support ME criticising THEM! So that's fine. If Sarah Palin wants to sponsor this site, that A-OK with me. SHE's paying ME, and somehow I don't think my regular readers are going to buy many books from her!

    I find the whole thing to be rather ironically amusing, actually. I look at it like this: Yhey're paying me to talk about what stupid, hypocritical crooks they all are. What could be better than that? LOL

    I'll have to check out Townhall.

    Thanks for you comment.