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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stupidity knows no bound...

I was just over on an autsim related site that I visit every now and them, when I came accross THIS.

Now I'm not one to use the "R-word," especially as it quite posisble that the person who wrote this may have actually been a member of the autistic / aspbergers community, but if there was ever a reasonable application, THIS WOULD BE IT.

I'll give the board the benefit of the doubt and assume it's just spam, or that the poster got an email from some RW loon and figured it would make for some good sport, but COME ON!

I mean, youv'e got to love it when someone starts out saying, "I can't believe these liberals believe this stuff!" And the proceeds to list a hundered or so points that liberals DON'T in fact believe.  The conservtaoive lack any self-awareness at all.  They really have NO IDEA how wrong they are, or even that they can even BE wrong. On second thought, screw WRONG, they have no idea that they are anything short of PERFECT.

It's really absurd, and I'd take it aprat point by point, by why bother.  I'm not going to waste my time dignifying it like it deserves any serious consideration.  These idiots are so stupid, they can't even recognize stupidity.  God damned fools.

BTW - that item is NOT typical of the usual content of that site.  Usually I find most posts to be rather interesting.  I can't believe the moderators chose to leave that up.  Totally off-topic, and complete RW garbage propaganda.


  1. If the moderators DO choose to leave it up, I think it's time to leave that site. Apparently any piece of opinionated, insubstantial trash is okay to post.

    Other than that, since we are in fact, a conservative country with a fairly conservative president, that would make countries like Denmark, Norway, France, Japan, and Canada FULL of autistic people.

    No, no. Keep telling yourself, EVERYONE's wrong but you.

  2. "Now I'm not one to use the 'R-word,'"

    What are you talking about? You use "Republican" here every day!

    I had a similar experience this morning on C-SPAN, where some racist idiot was on ranting against Muslims (about which he clearly knew nothing), and how they and their "allies on the left" share belief in totalitarianism and a long list of issues, and how the bulwark against them was the conservative freedom culture, and on and on--basically liberals as advocates of sharia.

    Only Muslims and, to a lesser extent these days, homosexuals could be subjected to that sort of raw, unvarnished bigotry on national television. Last night (or perhaps the night before), C-SPAN covered another rightist speaker with another point of view on that topic--she was going on and on about how Christians are the subject of discrimination in the U.S. Listening to it, one expects that, at any moment, we'll hear that familiar music, and Rod Serling will pop out from behind a curtain and explain the moral of this bizarre parallel universe we've been witnessing.

    C-SPAN is becoming a reactionary sewer anyway, and seems to be in the process of eliminating any coverage of liberals at all, while airing, re-airing, and re-re-airing every right-wing event, major and minor, from gavel to gavel. That's not strictly germaine to the topic at hand--it's just something I felt the sudden urge to rant about.

  3. Drad,

    I think, just for fun, I'll pick it apart point by point and let the rest of the board know [the reponse] is here. It kind of depressing to see somethign like that on that board.


    LOL regarding the "R-Word." Did you happen to see the MMFA piece today about the "Citizens Against Religious Bigorty?" It was like Bill Donohue and Mike Medved and James Dobson, and a half dozen other RELIGIOUS BIGOTS. So... I guess any attrcotiy is justified as long as you say "Jesus" instead of "Muhamed."

    Thanks for your comments.