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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama's Katrina

A lot happened this month, but alas I could not be bothered to find the time to write about it.  Personally though I think the last couple of months can be summed in in one single dick-move by Congressional Republicans and Eric Cantor

We've watched for months (the last two years, actually) while they prioritized budget austerity in the face of crushing economic woes, knowing that this could only prolong America's misery and that most of the ignorant fools (the Right) would just blame Obama'.

Because, you know: FUCK WORKING PEOPLE.

(And DOUBLE-FUCK the unemployed!)

And in truth, some of the blame DOES lie with Obama for his refusal to take the gloves off and call out their anti-American, routing for failure bullshit for what it is.  (As I have just done.)  We've seen what he's capable of.  We saw this at the correspondent's dinner, and we saw it on immigration reform with his "alligator filled moat" comment.  We KNOW he can do it.  And that makes it all that much sadder than he doesn't employ this razor wit more often. 

And now they go beyond trying to keep the economy shitty.  In an effort to pull down Obama, they're going to do their damnedest to turn Joplin's Tornadoes into a Katrina-like disaster.  It won't work - or at least it shouldn't - mainly because the crisis following Katrina was MUCH WORSE.  And any failings on the parts of Mayor Nagan-D and Governor  Blanco-D only made for a greater opportunity for FEMA Direct Brown-R and President Bush-R to show some REAL LEADERSHIP. 

And they failed, miserably, EPICALLY, to do this.

But do you know what I DON'T remember?  I don't remember Congressional Democrats accusing Bush of overreaching his authority during Katrina, or off being irresponsible with the budget when it came to spending too much on relief efforts, or dicking around with obstructionist tactics to prevent him from acting while people's houses, businesses and lives were destroyed.  But who knows? 

I mean... That could have just been a failure of that good old, Liberal Media to tell the story, right?

Because they sure have failed to make sure people have the right ideas about THIS story.

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