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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WTF?! (not political)

OK, I just have to share this with you guys... And PLEASE, tell me how you would interpret this, how you would feel about this, becuase... I'm sorry, this is messed up...

My mother sends me articles that she cuts out of the paper from time to time.  (I tend to get my news online, so other than for the Sunday circularm we rarely buy a newspaper.)  And in the last bacth, she included the following, from the WSJ:

Out, Out, Pesky Sweat Stains


Ways to Deal With a Stichy Underarm Situation

Here ths thing: These two were addressed to my wife, with the note: "[Wife's Name], thought you would find article about sweating interesting."

So... DW's like... "WTF?!"

And I am laughing my ass off.

So, yeah, seriously, WTF?

What would you guys think about that?


  1. I think she was saying that you sweat and was giving your loving wife ways of dealing with it. LOL!!

  2. @jlarue - Whoops... I guess I left out an important detail... In actuality, it's my WIFE who tends to sweat a lot. (Hyperhydrosis, possibly?) And I swear it came up in a conversation they had at some point - like DW saying how she had to get rid of this shirt or that one, or just offhand - but she SWEARS that it never has! (Hence why it waqs ME who was LMAO.)