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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Breaking down the stereotypes

Conservatives love to read Liberals' accusations of racism as the Liberals' inability to answer their arguments.  Well, no, the problem is that their arguments do not reflect reality.  They rail against fictitious programs and legislation that never happened, and then ask us to defend it.  We simply call them racist because we can't imagine why else someone would be willing to tell so many lies about this President.  So... Is it possible to criticize a black man and NOT be a racist? Sure.  I've done it to Tom Sowell, Colin Powell, Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas MANY times. Me! An OBAMA voter! And I'll do it again:


So there are two stereotypes that are struck down: Liberals won't criticize blacks, AND criticising a black makes you a racist!  And if we wins the primary, I bet you'll see a third one struck down: That black people will vote for ANY black candidate!

Here's another one: Liberals want to raise taxes, Conservatives don't.  Well... the first part is more of a misstatement. Liberals don't WANT to raise taxes... We just the only ones who realize that we HAVE TO.  The second part? Is complete and utter baloney sausage.  Conservative ABSOLUTELY want to raise taxes. They just want to raise them on the poor and middle class - that mythical "47% of American who pays no taxes!"

And this isn't even an issue of raising taxes versus raising revenue - you like that old Laffable Curve suggests?  This 9-9-9 plan of Cain's that everyone "loves" because it's so simpleIs nothing more than a tax increase on the rest of us.

So what... is this class warfare?

I couldn't tell you. Class Warfare seems to be whatever the Right wants it to be.  So let use MATH to call it what it it: A TAX INCREASE.

Well, what's the problem? I though Liberals wanted to raise taxes?! What is it so much better to tax the rich a little more, when you've got people who aren't putting in?

OK... I'm sure I don't have to dignify that question with a response, for any of my regular readers. But if you're new, or Conservative, here's why:

BECAUSE THE RICH CAN AFFORD IT.  Because taxing the rich will have -ZERO- impact on their spending decisions whilst taxing ANYONE ELSE will have direct impact on theirs!  And THAT will destroy the economy! Less spending = Shitty economy. That's not Liberal dogma or academic theory: that's FACT.

Herman Cain's plan is the worst possible thing: Increased taxes on those who can least afford it.

You know... If the only Black people I knew were Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Tom Sowell and Herman Cain?  (IOW - If I were a Republican?) If THAT was the extent of my sample population?

I'd probably be racist too.

(Likewise, if Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Chrstine O'Donnell, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, etc... were the most intelligent and outspoken women I knew? I'd probably be as mysongyinst as they Right is as well!)

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