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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random thoughts...

One of my favorite (I think original) quotes is to say that...
When you argue with a Liberal, he'll tell you why you're wrong; while if you argue with a Conservative, he'll show you why you're Liberal.

I post that (or some variant of it) on MMFA a lot. And the best part of that?

If a Liberal is arguing with a Conservative? Using this reasoning? THEY'RE BOTH RIGHT!


(That just dawned on on me earlier today.)

So... I'm sitting in what we call the "Salmon Run" - that's the long line of cars that forms at 4:30, going down the small road in front of our office that leads to the main road - today and I'm reading the various bumper stickers on the back of the truck of the guy in front of me:

"Support the Troops."

Which REALLY means: Support the Republicans.

Which I can't do, due in part to what a shitty job they do supporting the troops!

"Taxed Enough Already!"

Did you hear? Rick Perry is now picking up the Cain 9-9-9 line and is pushing a flat-tax scheme of his own.  And  I guarantee you this guy in front of me doesn't make enough to be one of the BENEFICIARIES of this plan. (Unless Perry's just blowing smoke when it comes to the deficit.  But then... we KNOW the Republicans NEVER do ANYTHING that adds to the DEFICIT, don't we?)  (Is one in the Reagan worth two in the Bush?)

"Evil flourishes when good people do nothing!"

I laugh my ass off whenever I see this one.  The funny thing? Is that it's really a profoundly LIBERAL sentiment.  I mean... what could be more PROGRESSIVE than that, right?  And yet, it usually ends up on the bumper of Right-Wingers.  (Something to do with the Iraq War, IIRC.  Apparently violating sovereignty and starting unnecessary wars is GOOD, I guess.)  But here's what REALLY strikes me as absurd about that sticker appearing on the bumper of a Conservative's car:


Global Warming?

Do nothing.

Shitty Economy?

Do nothing.

Entire U.S. Auto Industry about to go belly-up?

Do nothing.

Unfair trade practices?

Do nothing.

Middle Class shrinking?

Do nothing.

People Losing Jobs?

Do nothing.
Poor people starving?

Do nothing.

40 Million Americans can't get health Insurance?

Do nothing.

The only time they ever do anything is following some manner of societal PROGRESS that finally DOES AWAY will some kind of evil! Think about it:

Abolish Slavery?

Jim Crow.

Stop lynching?


Civil Right Act?

George Wallace.

Affirmative Action?

Southern Strategy.

Equal Rigths for Women?


Reproductive Freedom?

Politicize Religion. (More so.)

Black man elected President?

Tea Party.

The only time ANYONE acts against evil, it's a Progressive.  And the only time Conservatives do anything except money-change and power-broke is when a Progressive finally makes some Progress!

Anyway... Those are my thoughts for today... Stuck in traffic... Behind a Conservative...

Had some fun over on MMFA today, thinking about how well former Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) might fit in over at his new gig as a contributor to Faux Snooze.  In a very rare act of self indulgence (LOL) I'd like to re-post my comment here, as it kind of fits with the theme of this post:
A Liberal aspires to be right.
A Conservative aspires to be Conservative.

Argue with a Liberal and he'll tell you why you're wrong.
Argue with a Conservative and he'll show you why you're Liberal.

A Liberal bases his position on his judgement of the evidence.
A Conservative bases his judgement of the evidence on his position.

To a Liberal, a liar is anyone who knowingly contradicts the truth.
To a Conservative, a liar is anyone who is knowingly Liberal.

An honest Liberal Politician is one who cannot be bought.
An honest Conservative Politician is one who, once bought, STAYS bought.

I believe that Governor Sanford will be very comfortable in his new position.

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