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Saturday, October 15, 2011

There was a cracked article yesterday that had the good sense to link to the following video by former Labor Secretary Robert Riech. The rest of the article had some feir criticisms of the OWS movement, but IMHO, is not really owrth cehcking out. This, OTOH is:

You tell 'em, Robert!

And the soloution to these 6 points?

1) Tax the rich
2) Tax the rich
3) Tax the rich
4) Tax the rich
5) Get a Progressive Candidate who isn't afraid to tax the rich, and lead from a progressive agenda.
6) Vote for said Progressive, and his progressive agenda. (And tax teh rich.)

Funny how that works out, huh?

Gladstone was right about one thing: the OWS people could learn to simplfy the message a bit.


  1. Agreed on the Gladstone article, Eddie. I'm embarrassed to say the dot #5 was a revelation to me. I hadn't, until seeing this, recognized the demonization of unions as the resurrection of a time-honored technique of imperialists and ruling elites: divide and conquer.

    There was a very thoughtful discussion of OWS on Charlie Rose the other night, which I linked to at MMFA yesterday. I think it was in the Limbaugh thread where he called them idiots, or something like that.

    In addition, check out the article, "The Instability of Inequality," at Truthout.com.

  2. From the article:

    "Because a firm’s labor costs are someone else’s labor income and demand, what is individually rational for one firm is destructive in the aggregate."

    This undeniable truism, in one sentence, debunks the entrie theory of supply-side economics. This is why Reaganomics fails.

    Great piece. Thanks for the link!

  3. OH, and since comments seem to be working again on my end, I'll be going back and reply to some of the older one now. That whole site is great, BTW! I'll be spending quite a bit of time there for sure! Thansk again!

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  5. You're welcome; bill's in the mail. Truthout is, indeed a terrific site, as is Buzzflash.com (or .org) if you're not familiar with it.
    Wonderful and hopeful article about OWS by Eliot Spitzer (I know, I know) at: http://www.alternet.org/story/152746/eliot_spitzer%3A_why_occupy_wall_street_has_already_won?page=entire