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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gee, go figure...

So it turns out that Science works.  If you test something a thousand times, your thousand and first test is basically guaranteed to yield the same result.  Of course, I'm not going to hold my breath for the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Fox News and every other brain-dead, anti-science, superstitious, Right-Wing moron to admit they were wrong, STFU and get out of the way while the rest of try to DO SOMETHING about it, and apologize for politicizing science and for being a bunch of bent-over, corporate whores, in the wake of the most recent study - one done BY CLIMATE DENIERS, in order to "disprove" global warming - which concluded that basically? Science already had it right: The world is getting warmer, and man's consumption of fossil fuels and the CO2 released room it are the primary driver.

So, as I figure it, the score stands at:

SCIENCE: Whatever

Thanks for playing.

...Not that I'm under any delusion that this will make a difference.  Limbaugh, Coulter and co. are FAR too well-paid to get of the grift anytime soon (plus I think they just enjoy it too much,) and America has shown no reluctance in the past to take scientific advice from these Conservative Scumsuckers, but personally? I hope they eaten by Grolar Bears.


  1. Well, Eddie, as one of the trolls on MMFA has already pointed out, this hasn't been peer reviewed. He forgot to include the word, "yet," as I believe from other accounts I've read that peer review is in the works.

    I find that amusing because, while it is a valid argument, and turns a liberal weapon against liberals, it is the only time peer review has seemed relevant to the right. (Not that I won't happily use a rw meme I don't buy against the rw's if given the chance.)

  2. OMFG, what a feeble attempt at a point!

    Who was it, Wesley?

    Not yet peer reviewed?! The whole reason the study was done was becuase the Climate Deniers didn't trust the prevailing (and peer-reviewed!) scientific consensus! You can bet if the study HAD concluded ANYTHING ELSE they wouldn't care about PEER REVIEW!

    WE would, and they'd mock us for it, the bastards!

    And it's not hypocrisy on our part that we're not waiting for Peer Review in THIS case, becasue they basically concluded what the peer-reviewed research already concluded!

    OMFG, they just never get it, do they?!

  3. If they were capable of "getting it," they wouldn't be right wingers, would they? It was PsychoD, I believe. I know it wasn't Wesley, because just seeing his name on a post affects me the way a Philadelphia Flyers jersey does: steam-from-ears.