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Monday, August 17, 2015


Moral of the story: Come on my show and I'll probably donate, support or buy some of your stuff!

And a special "Thank You" to everyone who's come on and helped to make my first coupe of months such a success and so much fun! And please support the following artists, authors, and musicians who've produced such amazing work:

Christan BeranekKelci Crawford, Validation; Patreon; Donate

Jenn Dolari, Closetspace, A Wish for Wings, Donation

Megan Rose Gedris, Meaty Yogurt; Patreon; Store; Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque

Deven Green, tip jar

Suzanne DeWitt Hall, Rumplepimple

Chris Hazelton, Misfile; Donate; Store

Alex Heberling, The Hues: Post Apocalyptic Magical Girls; Store; Patreon

Issa, Professional Services

Julian Marsh, Professional Services, on Rainbow Radio

D. Murphy, With Fetus; Store; Donate

Candace Mountain, Our-Trans-MissionThe Daughter of Man

Aaron Paul (link to www.aaronpaulmusic.com is not working!)

Carrie Reimer, The Lady With a Truck; Store; Donate

Aneesh Sheth, Crave, Amazon

Christine Smith, The Princess; Patreon 

Terra Snover, Mock Girl, Patreon

Jessica Udischas, Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls; Patreon 

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