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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Since I last posted, several shows have been uplaoded to the Radio Page, inlcuding Matt Page, Eric Alan and Caroline Cossey's.

But there is something I'd like to share with you all, for a couple of reasons: First to highlight some of the guests I've had on the show, and the work they do, but also because what's happened in the last 24 hours is incredible. The following are the top five shows we've done, based on their number of listens on my Mixcloud. (This is in addition to whatever audience we had that particular night, which is not being considered. :P) (Otherwise Doc, who practically broke the station, would be the all-time heavy weight champion.)

#5: Alex Heberling, Jenn Dolari and Crystal Frasier. This show aired on 6/9/15. Alex is the creator of "The Hues: Postapocalyptic Magical Girls" webcomic. Jenn is the creator of the "Closetspace" () and "A Wish for Wings" webcomics. Together with he her roommate, Crystal Frazier, they created the "Call me ____" Vanity Fair cover phenomenon that took over Tumblr, Twitter (etc...) for a couple weeks following the initial Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair story. (24 Listens)

#4 Doug Strahm. This show aired on 9/5/15. Doug is a pop-country music singer and songwriter. You can find his videos on YouTube and his albums can be purchased through his website(25 Listens)

#3: Christian Beranek and Kelci Crawford. This show aired on 7/14/15. Christian and Kelci are the wirter and artist behind "Validation" and Kelci has several noteworthy projects of her own that can be found on her website. (29 listens)

#2: Carrie Reimer. This show aired way back on 5/26/15. Carrie is the blogger behind Lady With a Truck, where she shares her story of surviving a 10 year long relationship with an abusive narcissist. Helping to signal boost her work, and to potentially make other folks aware of her blog, and the information she shares, makes this one of the shows I've been most proud to have been a part of, even if my audience was a bit smaller at the time. (64 listens)

Now... All that is so fucking cool, it really is. And with just two exceptions (who shall remain nameless) I have been absolutely thrilled to have met and talked to and hosted each and every single one of the guests I've had on, as well as the ones that I've spoken to who's shows have not yet aired. I love you all, I truly do. But the response to the following show has been simply amazing, and I am humbled by how it has been received, and am truly grateful to have been a part of it.

#1: Caroline Cossey. This show aired LAST NIGHT. "Tula" probably needs no introduction, but to those whom she does, I suggest you read her book. It's been recently re-released for Kindle.

This show, in less than 24 hours, has already generated 94 Listens! And that is in addition to what was arguably the most lively chat room we've ever had for a Tuesday show, and the numerous messages I received from folks both before and after the show.

So, Caroline? I want to thank you again for taking the time to talk to me. I am so grateful that you did this, and please know that you remain an inspiration to so many people around the world!

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