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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quick Update...

Last night's show with Drag Diva Sheena Rose is now posted on the Radio Page. Great show, very different perspective on LGBT issue than we've had in the past, some fun music... Definitely worth checking out.

And we've got some more really great shows coming up...

This Tuesday, we've got Julie Rei Goldstein, the lead actress in the new animated comedy series, Gen Zed:

On Saturday we're joined by DJ Ian Ford, a, incredibly interesting guy with a background unlike any other, and a wide array of interests. Please tune in as we talks music, clubs, politics, religion and spirituality.

And then next Tuesday, the 6th, we'll have Dan Wees, author of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Mormonism, and blogger currently compiling his list of 1,001 Reasons to discount Mormonism.  Come on in as a former insider gives us some of the scoop on this often misunderstood sect.

In the meantime, if anyone needs me, I will be splitting time between Arizona and Mexico for the upcoming week. Hopefully on Saturday (the 3rd) I'll be standing on top of THIS once again:

 Yep, weather permitting (no rain,) I'll be trekking up my favorite Phoenix Peak once again, the Flat Iron, atop the Superstitions Mountain Range in Lost Dutchman State Park.  If anyone will be in the area that day and would like to meet up, shoot me line at niceguy9418@usa.com or message me on facebook.

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