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Saturday, September 12, 2015

An Excellent Blog by Christine Smith

Christine Smith has penned an excellent blog that gave a very interesting an important take on a couple of aspects of the Kim Davis controversy, particularly the #IWasKimDavis hashtag.  Highly recommended reading.

Dog Bites Man: An open letter to Reverand Mark Sandlin

Just a couple of excepts...
When people like you, and those straight and cisgender people who have also rushed to admit that hey, yeah.... they totally hated people like me, I feel anxious, seeing walls closing in. I don't need reminding just how ubiquitous and gosh-darn understandable folks find it to hate me and my loved ones. I know. I'm not allowed to forget. It's painful to be reminded at every turn that recognizing my humanity was something you had to learn to do. Nor am I shielded from the self-congratulation that goes hand in hand with publicly rejecting that hate. I certainly do not think that you accomplished it is worth special celebration. From my perspective, ceasing to hate people for the way God made them is the bare minimum expectation of a decent human being.

Ms. Davis represents a culture war that has harmed and broken people, broken families. As a Christian, I believe that she deserves forgiveness and grace from those of us who she’s harmed. We need to work toward reconciliation with all children of God. 
But the challenge is before US, not before YOU. 
You have taken this historical moment as yours. You are defining it around yourself, and celebrating the strength of character you display in not only moving past your bigotry but also forgiving people who haven’t overcome theirs. Yet, you are not the aggrieved party.
And it's not TL so please don't DR! Please check it out.

...And if you'd like to hear the discussion I had with Christine on IMHO, you can find it here.  A prior interview she did with me for the Blog can also be found here.

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