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Friday, July 9, 2010

Another failure of free-market economics and health care...

By now y'all are well aware of my disadain of the for-profit, free-market model of health care.

Here's another example of just how utterly uselss it is.  The same kind of thing applies to rare diseases.  Get a disease that "only" kills a few hundered people a year?  Well, sucks to be unprofitable you.


  1. I so agree - this is just one more example of profit over people. And in the long run it will actually add to expenses if people have to be maintained on ventilators for a snake bite. This is a typical example of penny wise and pound foolish, as the saying goes.

  2. Awesome article. Thanks a ton. I love to have ammunition to use when debating with a free-market advocate.

  3. Great article. Thanks!

    I love when you pose questions like this to the critics of universal health care or government intervention. When they tout the miracles of the free-market curing all, throw something like this at them and see what they say!

  4. Maui, Drad, KK,

    Always happy to be of service. :) Glad you found it interesting and/or useful. Thank you for your comments.