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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I actually had two other sites in mind this month, but these two both came to my attention fairly recently and made such an impact on my consiousness that I felt compelled to speak out on their behalf.  Continuing to follow the Baseball HoF elections, I'm skipping over 1950, which saw no ne inductees, and moving up to 1951 which saw two BWAA inductees (Gold Stars) but none from the Veterans Committee (so no Silvers this month.)

The Jimmie Foxx Gold Star #20: Jezebel

I've said many times in my life that the sexiest part of a woman's body is between her ears.  And as anyone who's heard the story of how my (then future) wife bloodied my nose while I "taught" her how to box (or tried to, anyway!) knows: I REALLY dig ballsy broads.  (Sexist irony in that statement fully intended.)  This site is one of my wife's favorties and I can happily admit to being a big fan as well.  As the bumper sticker says: "Well behaved women rarely made history."  So... You go, girls!  Keep kicking ass!

"Men of quality are not threatened by women of equality."

On a side note, DW and I started watching an anime last night called "The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye."  The main charecter is a tough, female, tom-boyish, swordsman, mechanic, pilot, independant, jack/jill-of-all-trades, who's just a real ass-kicker.  When DW (who enjoyed it) asked me how I knew she'd enjoy it, I said, "Simple: We have the same taste in women!" LOL

The Mel Ott Gold Star#21: Thrity-Thousand

When George Washing first took office in 1789, the population of the United States was about 3.9 Million. Today it’s just over 300 Million.  Congressional districts that were never supposed to be larger than 50,000 people are now averaging over 700,000.  Is it any wonder that the individual feels helpless, like his voice is being drowned out by the elites and the special interests?  30K.org explores the history of why we have only 435 Representatives when, according to the will of the Founding Fathers, we should have over 6,000.  Our Democracy IS slipping away from us, and these guys have some really interesting ideas about what is really needed to restore it.  Their FAQ does a fantrastic job of addressing many of the most of the obvious questions and concerns, and what I like the most is that while their goals are philisophiocally LIBERAL (meaning they go against the status quo and the vested interests) they are also Consructionist and inherently non-partisan.  (And while Cities and urban areas (with tend to vote for Democrats) would get more delegates, many of the most under-represented STATES are, in fact, Red States!)  And if their goals WERE to come to fruition, we would not only realize just how "purple" most states really are, but third (fourth, fifth, etc...) parties would have a much more serious chance at getting SOME representation.  In effect it would return REAL Democracy to this country, and return the People's House to the PEOPLE.

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