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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A few changes...

Liberals like change right? LOL

JK.  Just one new addition really: A portal to my Amazon store is now at the bottom of the page.

I figured if I'm going to use ads, they might as well be for something I believe in.  (As opposed to all those Palin, Coulter, Ginrich, Stein, Obama's a Socialist / Defeat the Democrats ads that keep popping up.)

So next time you're buying books, DVD's, etc... help a brother out, K?


Also, I noticed a while back that Armchair Subversive (my Walter Johnson Gold Star Hall of Famer) is no longer active.  That's a bummer. All those links to documented Republican pedophilia... gone.  Oh well.  These things happen.  If I can find a decent cached version of the page, I'll probably still link to that.  Otherwise, I'll need a new nominee.  Just like Walter Johnson though, Armchair Subversive will be pretty hard to replace!


I want to thank everyone who responded to eitehr of the two "Things you have to belive..." threads.  Those were fun to do, and it's always funny to see what comes into your in box from your more partisan friends.  One "parting shot" I wanted to lob before finally putting that subject to rest...

This is a screen-cap of Google 's auto-fill when I was looking for the source material:

Notice how the "Democrat" version doesn't show?  Just the "Republican" one? Losers. LOL.

Or maybe Google, like facts, reality, logic, reason and truth is just LIBERALLY BIASED!

(the horror!)


  1. I was thinking, as a form of political activism, whenever you visit a website that displays online advertising for a politician or group you oppose, click on there link - you will drain their advertising budget...

  2. Well... Google AdSense calls that "click fraud," but I agree with you and prefer to call it "Civil Disobedience." (Or just being a liberal prick, which is still infinitely better that being a conservative one!) ;)

    But hey... far be it for me to tell you NOT to feel free to click on ANYTHING you see here! LOL

    Click away! LOL

  3. BTW... It's usually the site's owner that loses money when there is suspected click fraud, so please do not engage in that sort of "political activism" HERE. (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) ;)