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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Joke I'll Surely go to Hell for...

(Assuming I'm wrong about God.)

I just read that Glen Beck is going blind.  So... Beck's BLIND, and Limbaugh's DEAF.

So we've got "See no evil" and "Hear no evil."  But when I tried to figure out who "Speak no evil" would be...


...Of course THAT would have to be a LIBERAL!


Yes, I'm a shit for thinking that, but here was a very like-minded commenter (Cimarronrose) from that same column:

Limbaugh is deaf, Palin is dumb, and now Beck is going blind...karma is like God... you either believe in it or you don't...in this case I'm a true believer.
Well... I'm still not.  But I appreciate your POV none the less.


  1. Here's a good joke:
    What do you call 5000 democrats at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start

  2. Well... I'm sorely tempted to respond with a more pithy, biting comeback but since I'm going to hell anyway for the joke I made, I'll confine myself to saying, "Go to hell...

    ...I'll see you there!"