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Thursday, February 28, 2013

40 by 40 Update

Date: 2/28/13
Morning Weight: 209.4 (BMI: 31.8)
Pounds Down: 6
Pounds to Go: 34
Days Left: 203
Workout Summary:
     Eliptical Climber: 33 Minutes, 408 Colries
     Ropes: 10 Minutes, 267 Calories
     Standard Eliptical: 13 Minutes, 136 Calories
     Weights (Short)

Feelin' good.

(No, I can't do most of that. LOL)


  1. You seem to be keeping track of a lot of stats. Just for curiosities sake, could you include an "evening weight" in the stats you keep track of?

  2. Sure. I can do a "bedtime weight" taken around 11:00. Good idea. I'll start doing that and reporting it the next morning, I guess. I'll start tonight.