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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gold Star Awards, January, 2013

YAY! The Backlog is cleared!!! I'll do February's sometime in the week and I'll be caught up with these after four months!  Also, I organized my long list of candidates yesterday , and I've pretty figured out who the honorees will be through September of 2013. After that, I'm tapped, but I'm sure I'll have some nice discoveries between now and then. The Internet's a big place, after all.That being said, if there are any sites, that any of you would like to nominate, please let me know, preferably by email: (niceguy9418@usa.com)

Here we go, 1983, 2 Golds, one Silver:

The Juan Marichal GOLD STAR #61: Bold Progressives

An outfit with over 950,000 members nation-wide, that believes in fighting for bold progressive change and support heroes in Congress and candidates on the campaign trail that also believe in fighting for these values.  Check them out, join their mailing list!

The Brooks Robinson GOLD STAR #61: Credo

Quick: Why is there no such thing as "liberal media"?

Easy: "The Media" is 99% consolidated under just six huge Corporations. And neither are Corporations liberal, nor Liberals corporatists.

Well... Here's an exception. Credo is a cell phone and mobile service provider and a bonafide LIBERAL CORPORATION.  In 2012, they put their money and influence behinds numerous progressive Candidate and causes, and fighting hard to enact progressive change and defeat regressive policies is right in their mission statement.  Now I'm still in my current contract, but 'llI tell you: These guys sure seem like some of the GOOD GUYS and, assuming I can get coverage, I plan to switch my plan over to them when it's up. (And I plan to let my current provider know why I did!)  Not all corporations are bad. Most are, but outfits like Credo deserve our support.  Please check them out!

The George Kell SILVER STAR #58: The MetaPicture

Another site that just brings the funny and the awesome. I first discovered it when someone sent me the following, which, having driven there many times, I can totally relate to:

So true. So true. So check 'em out. A lot of funny and a lot of awesome..

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