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Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Goal

(No politics in this one.)

Last night my wife and I went out to dinner; not something we do all that often these days.  We drank... enough, gorged ourselves until it hurt, and THEN went to another place for desert.

This morning (2/24), when I stepped on the scale I weight 215. lbs.


And I'm 5'8", so yeah... That's lard-ass territory.  Or... it's a BMI of 32.7, which is obese. Where I am now, I'd have to lose at least 18 pounds just to be fat!  And it's the heaviest I've ever weighed.  (I did hit 215 once before - just once. For like a day.) 

So today I'm setting a goal. On September 19th of this year, I'll turn 40.  By that time I want to be at or below my high school graduation weight of 175.

I know it's possible. I was 210 when I turned 30, and on two separate occasions, a couple of years apart, I've hit that weight. (I actually got down as far as 165 once.) So 175, by the 19th of September, 2013.  That's a BMI of 26.6, which is still a little bit high, but then, I've always been stocky - broad shouldered, thick-legged, muscular, though not huge by any stretch.  I've never been skinny is what I'm sayin'. (Plus BMI is shit anyway. I'm just using it as a guide.)

So there's my goal.

So why put it here?  Mainly because while I know I can do it, and I know how, having already done it twice before in the past ten years, I've really had a hard time keeping my motivation up.  It's a long stretch - a marathon, where as I'm a sprinter by trade.  So I figure that if I post about it publicly, in front of people I both respect and otherwise... I should be able to keep it up.

If nothing else, the amount it would fucking irk me to fail in front of the likes of William and our recent "Anonymous" should be enough to keep me going. I'm not looking for attention, replies, encouragement or anything else - though it will still be welcome, as will heckling.  (ADVICE however, is NOT welcome, unless it is specifically solicited. Just want to make that clear!)  And I'm going to post regularly about my progress. Not for any reason, other than to stay in the habit.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and at least Saturday or Sunday (or both) I'm going to post a brief report lie this one:

Date: 2/24
Morning Weight: 215 (BMI: 32.7)
Pounds down: 0
Pounds to go: 40
Days Left: 207
Workout Summary: Light - 406 Calories on Elliptical/Climber, no weights.

And if I don't post at least that, then I didn't stick to it.  I don't know how it's going to go with the weight. Middle of last year I injured my elbow and STILL haven't gotten it looked at. And it still hurts when I lift, so... I need to.  And that's part of why I fell out of the habit: If I can't do weights, I don't like going to the gym. Cardio only is FUCKING BORING!  I may also post something like "Swam a mile" or "Mountain Biked 10 Miles" or some such thing. And I'd like to get my elbow looked at pretty soon. So...

I'll make an appointment with the Orthopedist by the time I report in on Tuesday!

There: I'm committed.

And now that I'm on my way, here's some inspirational music to keep it going:


  1. The easiest way to lose weight is the 'timing' of your meals. 1st, you should never eat a meal less than 3 hours before going to bed. Your body can't process all the enzymes properly (while you sleep) if the stomach hasn't digested them.
    Always weight yourself at the same time of day (morning, mid-day or evening) or you'll get irratic results.
    You will always lose about 3 to 4 pounds during your sleep (if you don't eat right before going to bed). But, you gain it back during your day meals. If you control your day meals (healthy) then your weight loss should be consistent and impressive.

  2. Thanks, but did you read the bit about unsolictied advice? ;)

    1. Jeez, you're never happy, are you?

    2. LOL. Nope. XD (Hey: I gave you a wink!)

      With all due respect, I realize that this kind of advice is always offered in good faith. Thing is, EVERYONE has their own "secret" (or their scientifically-established fact, whatever) and I'm no different.

      But I hate discussing it, becuase everyone seems to have a really strong opinion about the particular dietary school of thougth that I subscribe to, and everyone always wants to tell me why it's "bad" for you. Well... I've heard it all a thousand times, I've DONE the research, and I know (1) that it's NOT bad for you, (2) that in every way people SAY it's bad for you, it's actually better for you even than simple calorie restriction, and (3) I've done it twice before, and IT WORKS. And to the extent that it didn't STICK, well... duh: No diet workd when you're not ON it!(IOW: It's my own fault for going back to my old habits!)

      See, for me losing weight is almost as easy as agining it. MAINTAINENCE is my problem. So... maybe THAT'S where your advice will come in handy. (So talk to me in September. LOL)

      But at this point I just hate arguing about it with poeple who haven't done the research that I have. (As opposed to things like homosexuality, abortion, Global Warming and Economics, which I LOVE arguing about with poeple who haven't done the research that I have!)

      I know you meant well. (I assume you usually do, in any case.) But I laughed my ass off that on what might me the least controversial topic I've ever written about you still managed to do the ONE THING that would engender a negetive response. LOL. And I wouldn't be half surprised if the lack of other responses is partly becuase so many people just can't reply to a weight loss post WITHOUT sharing their "tried-and true" "secret." (I know I can't!)