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Monday, February 4, 2013


I've always believed that morality exsists independantly from Religion, but I've never seen it put so perfectly.


  1. That is great. I would almost have to think that an actual fundamentalist would have to answer "yes", though. If you base your views off of worshipping a higher power, and then that higher power asks you for something, how can you say "no"? What would you have been living your life for all that time, if you then want to defy your god?

    I would also believe that most such people would say that the scenario would never happen, since the god they believe in would never ask for such a thing. The problem with that is that faith inherently involves the unknown, otherwise it wouldn't require faith. There's simply no way to know that God wouldn't ask such a thing (especially considering the pattern of behavior from the Bible).

    The bottom line is that the hesitation that any fundamentalist would face would be a questioning of their own sanity, since if they really believed themselves to be sane, then there's no question as to obedience. Or, alternately, an implied admission that their devoutness is more show than anything else.

  2. As is usually the case, the person claiming to stump religious people hasn't talked to religious people. This question is not hard.

    People will kill if their president tells them to. People will kill if their sergeant tells them to. So hell yes I'd kill you if God told me to.

  3. Well, here is the thing....if you hear actual voices you are freaking crazy! That is not God talking to you. Obviously people that are not religious, in fact atheists, have a moral code. I would say they quite often have a more compassionate view of humanity than religious folks. Christian fundamentalists in America so often decry the religious rulers and laws in other nations while at the same time claiming that we are a Christian nation. They do this seemingly without seeing the irony in it. I don't want to live in a theocracy, no matter what religion it is! I am a religious woman and I am terrified of the toxic brew created when religion and politics are mixed. Whenever someone is brutally executed in a Muslim nation, the fundies point to it as an example of the wrong-headedness of Islam. Yet they support the death penalty in America. I think it is all brutal and vulgar. If they can throw back to the old testament to support every back-ass-wards view they have then we are really not far from our own beheadings and stonings.

    1. "Whenever someone is brutally executed in a Muslim nation, the fundies point to it as an example of the wrong-headedness of Islam. Yet they support the death penalty in America. " ... I think those "fundies" are more likely crying about how Islam executes someone for being homosexual or speaking in support of women's rights. While those executed in America are guilty of henious crimes such as MURDER. Are those fundies all wrong for expressing a difference between the 2 implementations of executions?